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If you want to dress like a French lady, then you have to be… lazy

As one of the “Four Great Fashion Capitals” in the world, the poetry of France has crept into the daily life style and taste of each people in this land. One of the secrets for the French – or more specifically French women, to dress in the most “effortless” way, is the rule… lazy.

Of course, lazy behavior here means more positive than negative. French ladies are afraid of bulky and suffocating outfits with dozens of fancy jewelry. They are also afraid to wear too many layers or put their feet in inconvenient shoes. Laziness, along with a delicate aesthetic, helps women choose outfits that are streamlined but equally attractive.

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Their most recognizable features are the typical French berets, white shirts with a few loose but perfectly clean pleats, navy blue plaid shirts, and tote bags. baguette loaves…

In order for laziness not to turn you into a monotonous girl, color is an almost prerequisite factor to complete the look. The basic palette of white, black, nude, navy, red and brown needs to be dense in your wardrobe.

Neutral colors, suitable for many different skin tones, and easy to coordinate will ensure that you will not “burn your wallet” because of spending money on clothes. Basic white shirt style, raglan shirt with small horizontal stripes, cigarette pants with straight pants that hug the thighs to create the illusion of long legs…. are all items that are not too difficult to find, but rather easy to wear.

Page Who What Wear interviewed French style bloggers. First, they will never wear shoes that are too high. “That’s why you’ll never see a French woman with shoes like Lady Gaga.”, stylist Labériane Ponton shares. Indeed! Laziness makes women lazy to put on high heels or sandals. They just want to choose shoes that are convenient for running, commuting, wandering around and then quickly surfing to the office.

In addition, French women are lazy to wear padded bras to push their breasts. For them, small breasts are an expression of elegance and sensuality. The elegance in the eyes of the French exudes from charisma, instead of huge brand logos or confusing prints.

Jewelry also needs to be moderated and sufficient. French women refrain from wearing more than three pieces of jewelry at a time, even if they themselves cannot resist the allure of these sparkling items. French fashion is so sophisticated!

They often wear light makeup to enhance their natural beauty. Eyeliner does not need to be too sharp, plus a little mascara, a little blush for rosy cheeks, with a little gloss or pure red lipstick, we have a basic makeup look. If they have a striking outfit, they will only apply a little red lipstick to create a moderate highlight. “We are not ostentatious. We like simplicity”Paris fashion blogger Typhaine Augusto asserts.

If you want to dress like a French lady, then you have to be... lazy - Photo 4.

What about the hair? French girls with a short bob/lob that hugs the face and a classic natural thin bangs, are best suited for girls with high cheekbones and triangle faces. In addition, they also like the style of “greasy hair” with hair that is smoothed with oil to create a feeling like… lazy to wash hair. Shoulder length, curly hair is also popular in recent years.

In short, the style of the French women all begin and end with the word “LAY”. They are subtly lazy, flowery. Laziness within acceptable limits, laziness in a… welcome. Instead of putting on elaborate and superfluous costumes, they choose to keep the most essential things to light up their beauty, omit unnecessary details. So, to be as lazy as French girls, you need to “tie” more aesthetic eyes so that the style is always at the peak.

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