iPhone will have to use USB-C charging port in Europe

On June 7 (Vietnam time), European lawmakers agreed to use a single mobile charging port for phones, tablets and cameras. That means all device manufacturers must comply with the new regulation by 2024.

Commissioner Thierry Breton announced the news on Twitter. “By autumn 2024, USB-C will become the universal charging port for all mobile phones, tablets and cameras in Europe,” the European Parliament stated.

Other devices such as laptops, e-readers, headphones, keyboards, computer mice, and mobile navigation devices are also subject to regulations. Laptops must comply within 40 months of the decision taking effect.

iPhone will have to use USB-C charging port in Europe - Photo 1.

Lightning (left) and USB-C charging cables. (Photo: Bloomberg)

The regulation is intended to reduce waste and make life “easier” for consumers by now only needing to use one charging cord for many different devices. It has an important impact for Apple because the company still uses the proprietary Lightning charging port on Iphone. Only iPads and MacBooks have USB-C ports.

Apple has not commented on the latest developments in the EU. However, in 2021, a spokesman for the company said that, despite sharing the same views on environmental protection and carbon neutrality, Apple is concerned that strict legal requirements for a gateway will hinder competition instead of encouraging, harming European and global users.

Half of the chargers that shipped with cell phones in 2018 used a USB micro-B port, 29% used a USB-C port, and 21% used a Lightning port, according to a 2019 study by the Commission. Brussels has been calling for a unified charging port for more than a decade, stemming from complaints from iPhone and Android users about having to switch between different charging cables.

According to Mr. Breton, the decision will save consumers around 250 million euros ($267 million). In addition, it also allows new technologies such as wireless charging to emerge and mature.

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