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June hits the door and 6 things to do on the occasion of the middle of the year

Looking back on goals for the year

Going back 6 months, you must have been very excited when you wrote down the goals and things you want to do for this year. But in the midst of the rush of life, there are accidentally plans that have drifted away and no longer know how the progress is. Instead of waiting until the end of the year, right now, take the time to look back, update or even remove a few goals that are no longer relevant. Thus, the remaining half-year journey will become clearer, more organized and realistic. You yourself will also have more motivation and confidence to continue to conquer your dreams.

June hits the door and 6 things to do on the occasion of the middle of the year - 1

Don’t be afraid to omit or add new goals that are better suited to the current needs and context

Periodic health check

For each of us, health is the most precious capital. With it, we can study, work and enjoy life to the fullest. Therefore, every 6 and 12 months, a general health check-up will be a priority. This service is now very popular, available at most hospitals and medical centers across the country. If you live in big cities, with the support of technology, you can also receive advice, book an appointment and return results online without spending much time traveling and waiting.

Take care of your living space

Remember the excitement when you first moved to a new place? But then as time passed, the layout and the current items suddenly made the place to go home become boring. So why not roll up your sleeves to redecorate your home, bring excitement and joy back to your little home. You can start by changing the layout of the furniture, choosing new textures for curtains, carpets and murals. In particular, do not ignore the bedroom when this is an important place to help you rest and regenerate energy effectively after a long day.

June hits the alley and 6 things to do on the occasion of the middle of the year - February 2

A quality sleep will help both body and mind heal and recover effectively

Refresh your wardrobe

To prepare for this, first, take all your clothes out of the closet and clean the space inside. Next, it is necessary to classify and rearrange the clothes as well as boldly “goodbye” to the items that are no longer suitable. The last and most anticipated activity: shopping for new items. Before that, don’t forget to take the time to consult fashion suggestions and write down potential items. The more notes you take, the more accurately, efficiently and economically you will shop. In addition, to be suitable for the weather in the last 6 months of the year that is prone to cold rain, please prioritize lightweight, delicate and well-kept clothes!

June hits the alley and 6 things to do on the occasion of the middle of the year - March 3

Every season, Uniqlo introduces many new items that promote the simplicity and elegance of the wearer

Supplement skin care cosmetics

Similar to clothes, skin care products and makeup also need to be adjusted slightly to suit the autumn and winter period. Especially in the rainy and humid months, the skin is very susceptible to fungal infections, acne or dullness. At this time, a cleanser or toner containing antibacterial ingredients will be a savior, helping you minimize sensitizing agents. In addition, do not forget to change items such as cream, foundation, blush… that are oil-based to a lightweight water-based product, to help open pores and the skin to “breathe” more naturally.

Meeting relatives and friends

After a long time of “locking yourself up” with work and cyberspace, it’s time to reconnect with your loved ones. Sometimes a hug when seeing family again, or a headless story with friends, is the powerful healing energy you are looking for. Whether you decide to buy a ticket to your hometown or nod to an unfinished appointment, hope you will be “recharged” with positive energy in everyone’s loving arms.

June hits the door and 6 things to do on the occasion of the middle of the year - April 4

Temporarily take me away from the cycle of work, relax to chat and laugh with my close friends

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