Khanh Vy revealed the best thing about leading the way to Olympia Peak

The MCs of “Road to Olympia” are so cute!

Although it has been on the air for more than 20 years, the show Road to Olympia is still the most famous television knowledge contest today.

In order to create the success of this “national program”, besides the intense mental battles between the contestants and the interesting backstory, the charming leadership of the MCs cannot be ignored.

Among them, many people love Khanh Vy – the new MC face of Road to Olympia. “Hot girl in 7 languages” every year scored an absolute score because of the dynamic and colorful programming style of Gen Z.

Khanh Vy’s latest post is a concrete example of that energy.

Khanh Vy revealed the best thing about leading the way to the top of Olympia-1
10 points for this positive energy of Khanh Vy

Accordingly, Khanh Vy revealed what she “liked” the most when hosting the show Road to Olympia. I thought it was a big deal, but it turned out not to be, what Khanh Vy My favorite way to lead is simply that the contestant completes the Obstacle section after just the first row.

For those who don’t remember, the Obstacle section requires candidates to answer all 4 horizontal lines to get all the hints of the program about the last obstacle.

So, for the contestant who finds the obstacle in the first row, it must be very smart!

As for why the candidate answered quickly, Khanh Vy was happy, that’s why she will be able to… get home from work early. Khanh Vy’s wit and humor can’t help but make everyone laugh.

In another development, many people also felt with MC Ngoc Huy’s expression “3 parts are helpless, the rest 7 are also helpless” when witnessing his colleague swinging the TikTok trend.

Khanh Vy revealed the best thing about leading the way to the top of Olympia-2
The 2 MCs have a very cute collaboration

Some comments from netizens about Khanh Vy’s clip:

– Oh my god, “she” is happy because the candidate answered quickly, the reason for leaving early is painful to the stomach.

– I’m in love with Khanh Vy who made a clip about The Road to Olympia Peak.

– Vy’s face is already cute and she beats the right rhythm of the music. 10 points for this energy of yours.

– Mr. Huy made a face like: What are you filming?

– I only noticed the face “3 parts helpless, the remaining 7 parts don’t know what to say” of Mr. Huy.

Since leading the program Road to OlympiaKhanh Vy often interacts with contestants. At the same time, the female MC also works hard to update TikTok clips about the show Road to Olympia on his personal page and received a lot of support from the online community.

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