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Lang Son establishes “green zone”, improves customs clearance efficiency

Currently the face agricultural products of Vietnam such as longan, lychee, rambutan, mango… are entering the season. However, due to the epidemic in China, there are still many complicated developments, so exporting agricultural products to China by land is still facing many difficulties. For the safety of the two sides, Lang Son province has set up a 3-layer “green zone” in gate to improve customs clearance efficiency.

Accordingly, the “green zone” has 3 layers at border gates, including: The first layer is in the buffer zone including the transshipment zone and the non-tariff area; the second layer in the area where Barie is located close to the border gate area; The third class is applicable to the dedicated driver team.

Lang Son establishes a

Lang Son establishes “green zone”, improving customs clearance efficiency. (Illustrated photo – Photo: VNA)

In addition, Lang Son province requires all people and vehicles to declare on the digital border gate platform. Increasing human resources for loading and unloading, arranging wharves and yards, regulating traffic; at the same time mobilize people and vehicles to carry out leveling and upgrading of wharf infrastructure to expand the “safe green area” at the border gate, adapting to the epidemic prevention and control requirements of the two sides.

From the beginning of June, lychee was added to the priority item for early customs clearance, with priority lanes of the day at the border gates of Lang Son province. Here, every day about 1,200 vehicles are exported, an increase of about 30% compared to the previous month. Commodities are mainly agricultural products that are in season such as lychee, longan, watermelon, durian…

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