Live football U23 Vietnam vs U23 Malaysia, group stage U23 Asia 2022

The condition to U23 Vietnam into the quarterfinals of U23 Asia

To be in the quarterfinals, U23 Vietnam must defeat U23 Malaysia. If they don’t win, coach Gong Oh-kyun’s teachers and students will definitely have to say goodbye to the tournament. However, winning Malaysia U23 is just a necessary condition. U23 Vietnam needs more beneficial results in the match U23 Korea vs U23 Thailand to be sure to continue.

– If the Korean U23 vs Thailand U23 match is won or lost, U23 Vietnam will definitely have a ticket to the quarterfinals.

– If the match between U23 Korea vs U23 Thailand has a 0-0 or 1-1 draw, U23 Thailand and U23 Vietnam are the two representatives to pass the group stage due to the same difference of 0, but scoring many goals. won more than Korea U23.

– If the Korean U23 vs Thailand U23 match has a 3-3 draw or more, U23 Vietnam will be eliminated no matter how many goals they win against Malaysia U23.

Live football U23 Vietnam vs U23 Malaysia, group stage U23 Asia 2022 - 1

U23 Vietnam needs to win and wait.

– If the Korean U23 vs Thailand U23 match has a 2-2 draw, 3 teams, U23 Korea, U23 Thailand and U23 Vietnam will have the same score and head-to-head difference. At that time, Thailand U23 definitely had a ticket to go on due to the best head-to-head difference (scoring 4 goals, conceding 4 goals), while U23 Korea and U23 Vietnam had to compete in goal difference.

U23 Vietnam must win against Malaysia U23 with a difference of more than 3 goals, or win 3 goals with a score of 5-2 or more to pass the group stage with a better goal difference than U23 Korea.

In case U23 Vietnam wins against U23 Malaysia with a score of 4-1, both Korea U23 and U23 Vietnam will have 5 points together, difference +3, score 7 goals and concede 4 goals. Therefore, the two teams will have to determine based on the fair-play index.

Live football U23 Vietnam vs U23 Malaysia, group stage U23 Asia 2022 - 2

Leaderboard U23 Asia after 2 matches.

How to consider fair-play score as follows: Yellow card = 1 point; red card due to 2 yellow cards = 3 points; direct red card = 3 points; yellow card and then a direct red card = 4 points. The team with less points moves on. The team with the better fair-play index will continue, and if this index is equal, the two teams will draw lots to determine the ticket to continue.

Thus, U23 Vietnam will do its best to win against Malaysia U23, then wait for Korea U23 and Thailand U23 to win or lose, or draw 0-0 or 1-1. If these two teams draw 2-2, U23 Vietnam must win very heavily (over 3 goals) to continue. A victory with a big difference will be the bridge to bring teachers and coaches Gong Oh-kyun to the quarterfinals.

Live football U23 Vietnam vs U23 Malaysia from 8 pm

Force situation

U23 Vietnam: Van Toan was injured, Danh Trung left open the possibility of playing on the field.

Malaysia U23: There is optimal force.

Probable teams

U23 Vietnam: Van Chuan, Tuan Tai, Thanh Binh, Viet Anh, Van Do, Hoang Anh, Duy Cuong, Van Truong, Manh Dung, Van Tung, Van Khang.

Malaysia U23: Rahalim, Azri Rusmini, Adam Afkar, Zikri Khalili, Cheng Jin Ho, Nik Mat, Amzi Murad, Salwan Mazlan, Luqman Hakim, Abdul Razak, Ajmal Mahadi.

Live football U23 Vietnam vs U23 Malaysia, group stage U23 Asia 2022 - 8

U23 Vietnam find their first victory.

Impressive numbers

– U23 Vietnam won the last 3 matches against U23 Malaysia in all competitions.

– U23 Vietnam needs to win against Malaysia U23 with a difference of at least 3 goals to create a competitive advantage, in the event that U23 Thailand and U23 Korea draw with a score of 2-2.

– U23 Malaysia lost all the first 2 matches, conceded 7 goals.

– All 3 goals of U23 Vietnam from the beginning of the tournament have the shoes of defender Phan Tuan Tai (1 goal, 2 assists).

Pre-match commentary

U23 Vietnam is having a memorable journey in the Asian U23 tournament, with 2 draws against U23 Korea and U23 Thailand that teachers and coach Gong Oh-kyun have the right to hold their heads high in both spirit and playing style. .

However, the beautiful impression that U23 Vietnam creates will be faded if Phan Tuan Tai and his teammates do not beat Malaysia U23 in the final match. A victory over an eliminated opponent will help U23 Vietnam get close to the quarterfinals of U23 Asia after 4 years of waiting.

U23 Vietnam is confident

The most obvious thing on the sublimation journey of U23 Vietnam in the Asian U23 tournament is the attitude to play football. All 23 players of coach Gong Oh-kyun have a total of 185 matches in the V-League and 8 matches for the national team, a number far behind their colleagues in Thailand U23 and Korea U23.

Live football U23 Vietnam vs U23 Malaysia, group stage U23 Asia 2022 - 9

U23 Vietnam is full of opportunities to continue if U23 Malaysia is defeated.

With many players, U23 Asia 2022 is the first international level tournament in his career. The young bamboo shoots with Luong Duy Cuong, Vu Tien Long, Nguyen Van Truong, Khuat Van Khang and Tuan Tai suffered many disadvantages when the COVID-19 epidemic caused domestic and international tournaments to stall.

The cumulative competition opportunity at the stage of career development was interrupted, making the doubt on U23 Vietnam in this tournament even greater. Not to mention, U23 Vietnam only had about a week of practice to assemble the squad before the tournament.

However, mentioning the difficulties of U23 Vietnam to see how excellent the students of Coach Gong Oh-kyun were to bring back the last two impressive performances. U23 Vietnam made progress in pressing, organizing attacks, actively pushing up the squad and deploying the game despite facing opponents with superior experience.

This playstyle can only be operated if Coach Gong Oh-kyun has a group of confident, brave, and even youthful players in hand to create daring moves.

Live football U23 Vietnam vs U23 Malaysia, group stage U23 Asia 2022 - 10

U23 Vietnam almost got in the way of U23 Korea.

You have to go out on the field with the goal of winning. We aim for 3 points in this match“, Coach Gong Oh-kyun encouraged his students in the match against Korea U23.

U23 Vietnam led Thailand U23 to the first minute of injury time and almost made U23 Korea hate. In terms of form, level and spirit, U23 Vietnam has enough factors to knock Malaysia U23 down in the final match.

Win and wait

To win tickets to continue, U23 Vietnam must win against U23 Malaysia. Of course, just winning is not enough. If Korea U23 draws 2-2 with Thailand U23, Coach Gong’s students must win with a difference of more than 3 goals, or win with a difference of 3 goals but score 4 or more goals and limit penalty cards to surpass U23. Korea in the fair-play index. And if Korea U23 draws with Thailand U23 with a score of 3-3, 4-4 or greater, no matter how many goals you win, it’s still not enough.

However, U23 Vietnam must not let the remaining match distract. The task of teachers and students Gong Oh-kyun is to win against Malaysia U23 is to wait. If you don’t win “The Malayan Tiger”, all your efforts will be meaningless.

Compared to U23 Korea and U23 Thailand, U23 Malaysia is at a much lower level. Coach Brad Maloney’s team showed their inexperience when letting the opponent easily drill through the defense. Malaysia U23 is not a well-organized team, nor is it a star to change the game.

Live football U23 Vietnam vs U23 Malaysia, group stage U23 Asia 2022 - 11

U23 Malaysia could not maintain its form at SEA Games 31.

Malaysia U23 had bad luck at times, but we lost because we didn’t play well. The players could not control the game after conceding a goal against Thailand U23“, coach Brad Maloney assessed. Midfielder captain Mukhairi Ajmal Mahadi used the word “weak” to describe the performance of his teammates.

Malaysia U23 was eliminated after 2 matches and the motivation of Maloney’s teachers and students in the last match was a big question mark. The Australian leader is likely to be fired after this tournament, while the Malaysian media is concerned that some players are showing signs of giving up. “U23 Malaysia needs to rise up and fight for honor“, Mukhairi assessed.

In the context of being eliminated, Malaysia U23 is likely to play openly, instead of pouring concrete like the competition at SEA Games 31. This is an opportunity for U23 Vietnam’s attacks to continue exploiting the gap as in the previous 2 games. In the last 3 times, U23 Vietnam also won against U23 Malaysia.

After the peak period of 2009-2012, Malaysian youth football no longer produces young people with enough potential to replace their seniors, while the current Vietnamese U23 generation still has a lot of potential to explore.

U23 Vietnam will win with a big difference to participate in the quarterfinals of U23 Asia.

Guess: U23 Vietnam won 3-0

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