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Luck follows Russia’s only aircraft carrier

On June 7, the news agency TASS Citing a Russian defense source, the aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov – launched in 1985 – is expected to be repaired this May. The estimated ship repair time is about 6 weeks.

However, another source told TASS that Admiral Kuznetsov will stay at the dock until September this year and then continue to push back the time of operation from 2023 to at least 2024.

Plant number 35, a branch of the Zvyozdochka Shipbuilding Repair Center of the United Shipbuilding Corporation, is said to be ready to receive Admiral Kuznetsov to begin the repair process.

However, on June 7, TASS said that “recognized defects in the operation of the aircraft carrier”, Admiral Kuznetsov had to stay at the dock longer than originally planned.

Bad luck clings to Russia's only aircraft carrier - Photo 1.

Russia’s only aircraft carrier, the Admiral Kuznetsov. Photo: TASS

This only Russian aircraft carrier has been hit by bad luck in recent years. In December 2019, at least one military officer was killed and 12 injured when a fire broke out aboard the Admiral Kuznetsov ship.

In 2018, Admiral Kuznetsov was damaged after the floating platform used to keep the ship stationary sank into the sea and a crane fell on the deck.

In 2017, then-British Defense Secretary Michael Fallon made “disrespectful comments” about the Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier’s passage across the British coast. Mr. Fallon said that the British navy closely follows the aircraft carrier to ensure the security of their country.

In response, the Russian Defense Ministry spokesman, Major General Igor Konashenkov, stated that the Russian warship “does not need the meaningless escort service because Admiral Kuznetsov is well-versed in the direction and navigation of the sea”.

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