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Many messages

Commenting on Pyongyang’s increased missile testing, Northeast Asia expert Antoine Bondaz of the Foundation for Strategic Studies (FSR) said, North Korea wants to show the world that the country’s ballistic programs and development capabilities are still operating normally, and wants to show that the country’s military capabilities are still solid and can cope with any situation. situations, all scenarios.

From May 20 to 22, US President Joe Biden paid a visit to South Korea. Here, US President and South Korean counterpart Yoon Suk-yeol announced the strengthening of joint exercises as well as increasing the deployment of fighter jets or missiles on the Korean peninsula “to prepare to deal with an nuclear attack”.

According to expert Bodaz, the scenario of a nuclear attack on South Korea and the US is extremely low, but there is always a risk of an accident or incident, which can lead to escalation and turn into conflict. Therefore, recent statements from the US and South Korea are primarily aimed at avoiding a conflict.

This is part of the policy of deterrence, especially in the context of North Korea’s resumption of missile tests. The reopening of the drills also sends a resolute message to North Korea that if Pyongyang takes military provocations against Seoul, the US-ROK alliance is ready to respond.

This is actually exactly what North Korea is doing as it ramps up ballistic missile tests and flexes its muscles. Each side is trying to make a sound for the other, avoiding the escalation of the conflict.

Bodaz expert said that, whatever is behind the moves of the parties involved on the Korean peninsula, the tough stance they take shows that the resumption of nuclear negotiations, the resumption of dialogue, any whether between the two Koreas, or between Pyongyang and Washington, is not easy.

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