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Minister Nguyen Van The is worried about not arranging enough 15.5 million m3 of sand, affecting the progress of the North-South expressway

Minister of Transport Nguyen Van The (Minister Nguyen Van The) signed a letter to the National Assembly deputies to explain a number of issues to be questioned at the 3rd session of the 15th National Assembly.

The progress and quality of the East North-South Expressway construction project in the 2021-2025 period has also been approved. Minister Nguyen Van The clarify.

Minister Nguyen Van The: deploying the North-South expressway basically meets the plan

The project includes sections Ha Tinh – Quang Tri (267 km), Quang Ngai – Nha Trang (353 km) and Can Tho – Ca Mau (109 km) passing through 12 provinces and cities with a total length of about 729 km. (Ha Tinh: 104 km, Quang Binh: 129 km, Quang Tri: 34 km, Quang Ngai: 60 km, Binh Dinh: 117 km, Phu Yen: 93 km, Khanh Hoa: 83 km, Can Tho: 1.0 km , Hau Giang: 62 km, Bac Lieu: 7.0 km, Kien Giang: 17 km, Ca Mau: 22 km), divided into 12 independently operating component projects. Complete phase of construction investment with 06 lanes, phased investment with 04 lanes, road bed width Bbackground = 17.0m.

Minister Nguyen Van The said that, implementing Resolution No. 44/2022/QH15 dated January 11, 2022 of the National Assembly, the Government issued Resolution No. 18/NQ-CP dated February 11, 2022 assigning tasks for the Ministry of Transport and ministries, branches and localities to drastically implement the Project, ensuring that all procedures are fully implemented for investment approval on 12/12 projects before June 30, 2022, striving to solve the problem. site clearance 70% of the area before November 20, 2022 and start construction of all projects before December 30, 2022. To date, the implementation has basically met as planned.

Regarding the conversion of forest, forest land and wet rice land use purposes: The Government has submitted the Report No. 153/TTr-CP dated April 28, 2022 to the Standing Committee of the National Assembly for consideration and decision on the policy of conversion. purpose of using forest, forest land and wet rice cultivation land. Currently explaining the opinions of agencies under the National Assembly, expected to be approved by the National Assembly Standing Committee in June 2022.

Regarding the agreement, working with the locality and related agencies: Up to now, 12/12 provinces and cities have given opinions on alignment and works on the route; The Ministry of National Defense has agreed to the alignment of component projects.

Minister Nguyen Van The is worried about not arranging enough 15.5 million m3 of sand, affecting the progress of the North - South expressway - Photo 2.

Minister Nguyen Van The will participate in answering questions before the National Assembly on June 9. (Photo: QH)

Notably, the Ministry of Transport has handed over the site clearance piles to localities with 682.4/729 km (reaching 94%); The remaining sections (mainly at intersections) will be completed and handed over before June 30, 2022.

12/12 provinces and cities have received design documents for site clearance piles; establish a Steering Committee and a Site Clearance Council to carry out measurement, tally…

Also according to Minister Nguyen Van The, the Prime Minister has approved the compensation policy framework for site clearance of 06/06 component projects passing through 02 provinces and cities. The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment has approved EIA reports for 04 projects and is continuing to consider and approve EIAs for the remaining projects before June 10, 2022.

The Fatherland Front Committees of 12 provinces have commented on the supervision of community investment in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Public Investment. The consulting units are completing the basic design documents, total investment and other contents of the pre-feasibility study report for approval in June 2022.

Regarding quality management, in the process of project formulation, the Ministry of Transport has directed the formulation, verification, appraisal and approval of investment projects in compliance with the law on construction. current technical regulations and standards.

The Ministry of Transport has assigned the project management boards to select qualified and experienced consultants for implementation; formulating route options, comparing and evaluating economic-technical solutions, selecting the optimal design option, reaching agreement with the People’s Committees of the provinces and cities passing the project and the ministries, relevant sectors to ensure that the feasibility study report is in line with the relevant plannings, in accordance with the local socio-economic development space, etc., ensuring the economic – technical requirements, promote investment efficiency.

Drawing experience from the North-South Expressway Project in the 2017-2020 period, the Ministry of Transport has directed the project management boards to request consultancy to improve quality, strictly control survey work, especially especially surveying construction material mines and dumping sites.

Lack of sand supply may affect the progress of the North – South expressway

However, according to the transport sector commander, the project is being urgently implemented with a very large amount of work, in which some important and complex work contents require active and effective coordination. and soon completed by ministries, branches and localities.

Minister Nguyen Van The is worried about not arranging enough 15.5 million m3 of sand, affecting the progress of the North-South expressway - Photo 4.

Minister Nguyen Van The worries that the lack of sand supply may affect the progress of the North – South expressway.

As for site clearance, according to Minister The, over the past time, localities have actively carried out surveying, investigation, measurement, declaration, tally, and extraction of land use maps. determine the origin of the land; review and approve the adjustment of the land use plan. However, some localities are still confused in the implementation.

Not to mention, according to the survey results, the source of basic construction materials meets the needs of component projects. As for the component projects of Can Tho – Hau Giang and Hau Giang – Ca Mau in the Mekong Delta region, the source of quality sand fill is mainly concentrated in An Giang and Dong Thap provinces. Failure to arrange sufficient supplies may affect the project completion schedule.

According to calculations by the Ministry of Transport, it is expected that in 2023, these two projects will need about 10 million m3 of fill sand, in the first 6 months of 2024, 5.5 million m3 of fill sand will be needed.

“The Ministry of Transport has worked directly with the People’s Committees of the provinces to direct the departments, branches and localities to coordinate with the project management boards, consult and agree on the location, reserves of material mines, dumping sites, etc. announced the price of materials as well as implemented relevant procedures to be able to exploit materials soon for the project, especially to solve the difficulty of sand supply in the Mekong Delta region. study solutions to use sea sand as an alternative if technical and environmental requirements are met,” Minister Nguyen Van The informed.

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