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Minister of Finance: Many times warned about corporate bond risks


Why is State capital lost in equitization and divestment?

In the first questions, the National Assembly deputies questioned the loss of land and capital when converting state-owned enterprises to equitization.

Delegate Nguyen Thi Le (Ho Chi Minh City) asked questions about the review and arrangement of housing and land handling, equitization faced many difficulties and protracted due to complicated land legislation, especially determining the value of advantages, rights and interests. using land with annual lease… when determining the starting value according to Decree 32. “How does the minister identify and solve it. What are the measures to speed up the divestment of State capital”, she asked. .

Delegates Nguyen Thanh Cong (Ninh Binh), Nguyen Minh Son (Tien Giang) also raised problems in arranging and handling land of State enterprises with large land areas in many localities. “Is this the main cause of problems in divestment and equitization?”, he asked.

Answer, Finance Minister Ho Finance acknowledged that the arrangement of housing and land, approval of the land use plan was the bottleneck in equitization. Recently, equitization has been slow because of this stage.

According to him, when submitting the plan to arrange public assets, houses and land of State enterprises, the Provincial People’s Committee approved the plan, but the implementation was slow. In 2021, only 18 businesses can divest or equitize 4 units, with a total budget revenue of more than VND 4,200 billion. He said that it is necessary to improve the legal framework to accelerate this issue.

In addition, according to Decree 32 of the Government, enterprise assets attached to the annual leased land are not included in the enterprise value, but the annual payment of land fee is attached to the enterprise value. Phuc said “this is a loophole that needs to be dealt with so as not to lose land when switching to equitization of enterprises”.

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