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Natural beauty in the 5-star Long Hai villa

Space embracing the ocean, tropical resort style

– What ideas and inspirations for SSA Architects to design the luxury resort Charm Resort Long Hai?

Long Hai is a wild and natural beach. When asked by Charm Group about a 5-star resort here, we wanted to create a unique vision for Charm Resort Long Hai. The problem is how to maintain consistency in the design, bringing the complete experience to customers from first sight to 300m of beautiful coastline.

The design idea of ​​the project can be summed up from the elegance of Charm Group and the softness of the waves. These two elements create a unique identity that reflects the spirit of Charm and the advantage of the project’s beautiful location. Therefore, we chose the overall design of the arc M-shaped, creating both strength and showing undulating curves like the hugging waves of the sea.

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Mr. Julien Thomas Smith – design expert of SSA Architect and his associates worked on ideas for the designs

– What value does the modern tropical style and open space, connecting with nature bring to the villa? In your opinion, how to design unique villas that are both suitable for the indigenous culture of Vietnam and follow the trend of the breath of the times?

Tropical style is a design style that is popular around the world because of its close-to-nature living space. This style is completely suitable for countries with a typical hot and humid tropical climate in Asia like Vietnam.

Above all, we wanted to incorporate the advantages of nature into the design and be in tune with the local culture. We have designed the villa as an open space throughout from the living room, kitchen, garden, creating a liberal freedom, true to the spirit of a tropical resort. The open space both welcomes heat from the outdoors into the house, while controlling natural air flow and ventilation, bringing a cool and airy feeling. The vertical texture of the vertical slats also gives the space a sense of height and width as it connects to the sky.

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– It can be seen that the highlight of the villa is the delicate color scheme from natural materials and bold artistic interior works. So, what is the process of exploiting materials to create an emotional space?

We use bright and warm colors, like brass – beige – dark blue – wood. Sand, cream, and ivory colors inspired by the ocean are dotted with a powerful blue that exudes the charisma of Charm’s brand identity. This combination creates a minimalist, high-class, luxurious look like precious jewelry while bringing the fresh natural breath from the sea.

I must admit that the pride of Vietnam is the handicrafts. Therefore, each decorative corner and interior of the villa are meticulously cared for. The combination of neutral color palette and natural materials (wood, bamboo, rattan, stone) creates an environment-friendly space. Loose furniture is used more than fixed furniture. You can see that the luggage rack is made like a convenient travel box, making the owner feel like this is really his second home.

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Enjoy a luxurious stay

– In your opinion, what privileges do private utilities combined with the common utility chain bring to villa owners?

There are only 24 villas, so we will optimize the area and maximize the space used. The villas are arranged in an isolated, closed and quiet area with large and small trees covered like houses in the middle of a tropical forest. The indoor-outdoor connection is clearly shown from the 4-storey structure between the rooms of the villa, between the villa and the surrounding nature.

A series of utilities help owners comfortably enjoy a sense of privacy. In front is a private swimming pool that brings a sense of comfort. The elevator connects directly to the skybar, hot tub, suitable for parties, gatherings of friends, family or relaxing on the large balcony with ocean views. In addition, each area has a unique design, combined with a chain of common entertainment facilities of the whole resort (multi-level swimming pool, amusement park, park, BBQ garden, …)

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– What makes the Charm Resort Long Hai villas different from the projects that SSA has designed?

We have designed for resorts in Vietnam and some Southeast Asian countries such as Chen Sea Resort (Phu Quoc), Shantira Beach Resort (Hoi An), Cam Ranh Bay Cottage (Khanh Hoa), Victory Paradise Resort (Sihanoukville, Cambodia), Khwan Beach Resort (Samui, Thailand)… Each project we undertake has a unique look from its location and hierarchical design, suitable for the region’s soil and climate.

Charm Long Hai has a convenient location with one side facing the mountain and the other facing the sea. The main beneficiaries are families, they have a high need for connection and enjoyment. Therefore, we combine spiritual values, bringing a sense of closeness but still not forgetting high-class luxury with privacy for the villa. Thanks to the master plan design, making both criteria meet.

Charm Resort Long Hai is also a resort project with the companionship of many prestigious brands. Therefore, with the enthusiastic design at Charm, we expect the project’s potential to become a new choice of many tourists when staying in Long Hai.

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