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Never grow up! (Official Music Video) The Fun Squad Sings on Kids Fun TV!

Never Grow Up, the Official Music Video on Kids Fun TV sings with The Fun Squad! The Fun Squad is excited to share this exciting, original new music video with you! Now that you’re part of the Fun Squad, we want you to remember to never grow up! Thanks to Jazzy Skye, Jack Skye, Kade Skye, Kalia Skye, Kyler Skye, Brandon Skye and Sarah Skye! And don’t forget never to grow up! This song was written by Sarah Skye, Momma of the Fun Squad. Find Fun Squad’s “Never Grow Up” on Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora and other streaming sites. The Fun Squad Kids are the lead singers in this fun original song on our channel. Sing and dance to our fun, original new music track, Never Grow Up! Check out our other amazing Official Original Music Video titled “Come Join The Fun Squad” on Kids Fun TV here: 🛒 NEW Fun Squad MERCH: https:/ /www ✨ SUBSCRIBE here ➔ ✨ SUBSCRIBE to our family channel here ➔ 👀 Watch more videos 👀: 🌟 Most popular: https ://youtube. com/playlist?list=PL9bCxUcHuVU1HJ_-4JhMjU1MyN2GgEeWr 🎵 Music Videos: 🦸 SuperHero: 🤣 Sneaky Jokes: https:// c/FunSquadFamily ► Jazzy Skye: ► Jack Skye: ► Kade Skye: h ttps:// 😎 Fun Squad Official Website: Special thanks to Becky Willard from VoxFox Studios for her genius in music production! 📱 Follow us on Instagram: Fun Squad: Fun Squad Family: 😎 🤩 Kids Fun TV 🤩 😎: Kids Fun TV, also known as the Fun Squad, is a family-friendly, fun-filled adventure channel run by the Fun Squad Family. FUN is her superpower! Whether it’s a funny skit or sneaky jokes, the kids fun TV family (mom, dad and kids) choose to be happy! The kids love playing fun characters: a superhero, a spy, a sneaky ninja or a spy ninja. The fun squad will make you laugh as they re-enact movies, solve a puzzle, compete in girl vs boy games, play jokes, play ninja games, act as a superhero, share a birthday or share a toy. Gifted singers, the Fun Squad Family spread optimism through: a music video, a cover song or an official music video. Watch the fun kids of the Fun Squad (Jack & Jazzy (twins), Kade, Kalia and Kyler Skye) with their exciting, unique personalities. The kids are the superheroes of fun! Fun Squad’s motto is: Never Grow Up! Join the Fun Squad by watching fun family videos for kids and adults 13+. Welcome to Kids Fun TV Channel! 📧 Email for business inquiries: Adm[email protected] 📧 Email for fan mail: [email protected]


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