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Newborn baby’s arm was broken because the sewing machine hit it

The mother hooked the hammock to the sewing machine and put the baby in the hammock. The sewing machine fell, causing the infant’s arm to bruise and break heavily.

The City Children’s Hospital (HCMC) said that the doctors here had just given first aid to a newborn baby with serious injuries due to a daily-life accident.

The patient is a 40-day-old girl. The accident happened when the mother caught the hammock on the sewing machine. The sewing machine fell on the child, causing him to break his leg bone and constrict the brachial artery.

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The fatal accident happened when the baby was only 40 days old. Photo: BVCC

At the time of emergency admission at the City Children’s Hospital, the patient’s hand was purple and the risk of amputation was imminent. Doctors immediately performed emergency re-canalization surgery. However, the bruise was too complicated, easy to clot, causing embolism, the patient had to have 2 more re-canalization surgery.

When taking anticoagulants, the wound bleeds profusely, so the child receives continuous blood transfusions. Doctors had to dissect the forearm because the wound was too tight, causing compression of the cavity. In addition, the baby also has to graft the skin of the thigh to the flap of the arm skin.

After nearly a month of treatment, with the cooperation of doctors from the Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Vascular Surgery, Anesthesia, and Resuscitation, the baby is now temporarily stable in terms of resuscitation. Then, continue to be transferred to the Department of General Surgery for treatment.

Currently, the baby’s hand movement is temporary, but must do physical therapy continuously to avoid the risk of stiffness.


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