“Opportunity favors those who are prepared”

At the age of 7, he helped his family by cutting firewood. At the age of 32, he brought 2,000 yuan to Shenzhen to start a business, from quarrying to real estate.

In October 2019, ranked in the top 100 of China on the 2018 Hurun Report, featured in Forbes magazine with a fortune of 4.5 billion USD.

He is the founder of Phu Nguyen Group in Shenzhen province: Muc Tho Luong.

7 years old cut wood to make money, 32 years old started a business, what year did the

Mu Shou Liang was born in 1955 into a poor family in Wuhua district, Guangdong province. Since the age of 7, he has shouldered the responsibility of earning a living for his family. For 10 years, he single-handedly supported his family with the money he earned from cutting firewood.

The hardships in childhood created his strong character, and at the same time made him burn with ambitions: Not afraid of heaven, not afraid of earth.

7 years old cut firewood to make money, 32 years old started a business, what year did the

All the people who got rich from poverty had to go through a time of tears and sweat, Muc Tho Luong was no exception, he also had difficulties in the early days of starting a business.

In 1977, at the age of 23, he designed the first machining machine in Wuhua County. At that time the per capita income per working day was only 30 cents, but he could earn 40 yuan a day.

In 1987, Mu Shouliang was 32 years old, then the city of Shenzhen was developing at a high speed, building roads, bridges, building buildings, any construction depended on quarrying. Coincidentally, the stone mining technology of Ngu Hoa-Mushou Luong’s hometown is ranked first in the country, so he put his hope in the quarrying industry, he brought 20,000 yuan, along with a few friends in the countryside. to Shenzhen to start a business. Seizing the business opportunity, he completely changed his fate from here.

However, thousands of quarries have arranged positions on the Guangzhou-Shenzhen highway. In contrast, Muc Tho Luong was a newcomer from another region, could not understand the local language, and the environment was unfamiliar, so he did not receive any orders.

It took a long time for Muc Tho Luong to receive his first order, but he did not get his wages back. After all, he still has faith in his future.

Seize the opportunity – the first step to success

Mu Shouliang through a friend at the power supply office learned that the power supply in Shenzhen is seriously lacking, in the near future, the city will often have power outages. Mu Tho Luong immediately saw the opportunity, he invested capital, buying a generator for his quarry.

Not long after that, many quarries had to stop production due to power outages. At this time, only Muc Tho Luong’s quarry is producing on schedule, becoming the exclusive operator. As a result, the price of stone sold by Muc Tho Luong Stone Field has doubled.

Later, Mu Shouliang received an order from the Shenzhen airport to supply one-third of the stones. A few years later, Muc Tho Luong’s business was favorable, and the amount of money he earned was not small.

7 years old cut wood to make money, 32 years old started a business, what year did the

In 1993, when land prices in Shenzhen plummeted, Mu Shouliang seized the opportunity to buy land and enter the real estate market. At the time of the first real estate boom in Shenzhen, he made tens of millions of yuan.

When the price of high-rise real estate fell sharply, Muc Tho Luong built a series of industrial parks for rent. A few years later, real estate heated up again, Muc Tho Luong owned dozens of valuable buildings. Earning money, Muc Tho Luong built a school, now he has opened a university and a martial arts school.

7 years old cut wood to make money, 32 years old started a business, what year did the

Since then, Muc Tho Luong’s career path has become more and more smooth and he eventually founded Phu Nguyen Group. His business activities cover industry, commerce, real estate and education.

From a woodcutter to a real estate billionaire

After years of rolling around in the world, Muc Tho Luong owns a lot of real estate for rent and a number of hydroelectric power plants, the entire Phu Nguyen group under the name of Muc Tho Luong has more than 50,000 people. Muc Tho Luong has become a typical example for young people who dream of starting their own business.

7 years old cut firewood to make money, 32 years old started a business, what year did the

In 2003, he ranked 25th in the Forbes list of the richest people in mainland China with a fortune: 240 million USD.

In Hurun’s 2018 Global Rich List, he ranks 512th in the world with a fortune of $4.3 billion. As of 2019, the billionaire’s net worth has reached $ 4.5 billion.

From selling firewood to feed his family to a fortune worth 30 billion, Muc Tho Luong’s inspirational story shows us that no matter how difficult life is, it can be compensated with wisdom and determination. hard.

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