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Passenger car splashes water on the driver’s glass

hung YenThe passenger car sped through the puddle, splashing water on the windshield, and the driver lost his direction for a moment.

Passenger car splashes water on car glass

Traffic situation: The driver of the passenger car sped up from the right and rushed through the puddle after heavy rain, making the car’s windshield blurred. Driver lost direction for a moment. At this time, the car was opening the windows, so the interior was also soggy.

Driving skills: Cars speeding, causing water to splash on other drivers’ windshields, obscuring the view. There have been quite a few accidents for this reason. For motorcyclists, being splashed with water can lead to a fall on the road.

Vehicles going through puddles need to slow down, go slowly to avoid affecting other vehicles. At the same time, drivers will not be able to know that the road surface will be shallow or deep under water, so they should be more gentle to go through to avoid risks such as wheel collapse.

For the driver who is splashed with water, wipe the rain immediately, stop safely, but do not try to continue, which may cause an accident.

Nguyen Vu

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