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Prototype flying motor with a speed of 805 km/h

JetPack Aviation’s P2 Speeder prototype can carry up to 450 kg of cargo over long distances, promising many applications in defense, cargo, firefighting and relief.

The P2 Speeder prototype can fly autonomously or remotely.  Photo: Mayman Aerospace

The P2 Speeder prototype can fly autonomously or remotely. Image: Mayman Aerospace

At the Draper Venture Network CEO Summit in California, JetPack Aviation unveiled the P2 Speeder flying motor prototype under the new Mayman Aerospace brand, which is set to develop series-fit, vertical takeoff and landing Speeder models. application.

About the size of a motorcycle, the P2 Speeder is the third life-size prototype that JetPack Aviation has produced on its way to the final version. The vehicle is powered by eight jet engines running on sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), has an angular body made from sleek carbon fiber and a driver’s seat position that maximizes flight efficiency.

One of the main focus of the company is safety. The exclusive computer system on the Speeder regularly rebalances the engine’s thrust in the event of a malfunction. JetPack Aviation also focuses on ease of use. Controlling the vehicle for take-off is as simple as sitting in the driver’s seat and pressing the start button.

The Speeder has a modular design but can also be configured to fly autonomously or remotely. Whether aimed at rescue, police, military, autonomous flight configuration or remote control will expand the application range of the vehicle. Potential applications include firefighting (carrying fire retardants and sprays over rough terrain or lying at height) and ambulances (getting patients to the hospital quickly). The Speeder can also transport industrial goods with the ability to fly 644 km at speeds of more than 805 km/h while carrying cargo weighing up to 450 kg in unmanned mode.

JetPack Aviation is working with the US Federal Aviation Administration to apply for licenses and discuss with potential customers in the fields of defense, cargo, firefighting and disaster relief. It is expected that the latest prototype will begin remote control flight tests in the third quarter of this year and manned flight tests by the end of the year.

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