Red Flower Camp – a million dollar TV series aired on July 4

This is a rare million-dollar television series in Vietnam exploiting the detective topic with thrilling and mysterious elements, airing at 20:00 every Monday evening, from July 4 on K+CINE and K+CINE channels. App K+, exclusive to all K+ TV platforms.

In particular, Red Flower Camp is the longest-running series with the largest investment at the moment, promising to be the first television blockbuster with the first eye-catching cinematic quality in Vietnam.

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Inspired by the novel of the same name by writer Di Li, Red Flower Camp is a rare long-running Vietnamese film with bold detective colors mixed with mystery and horror elements. The film’s content revolves around the peaceful and terrifying vacation of a soon-to-be-married couple at the Red Flower Camp, and then in turn the evil secrets hidden in this magical land are gradually excavated again. .

Red Flower Camp is the first feature-length film of Director Victor Vu, who is famous for the detective and thriller genre and has had very successful adaptations of literary works. For the first time, the TV series of director Victor Vu has set special milestones such as the huge investment budget, the number of scenes, the execution time, the implementation team, etc., which is comparable to a large-scale film project. great.

With a large level of investment, meticulousness and rigor in production, the blockbuster TV series Trai Hoa Do will affirm K+’s new position in becoming the leading pay TV brand in Vietnam in this trend. the world’s cinematic quality original series production direction.

Not stopping at Camp Hoa Do, K+ still, is and will carry out many attractive film projects in the future, demonstrating its ambition to become a leading producer of original series films in Vietnam under the K brand. +ORIGINAL, giving the audience a world of top notch “entertainment”.

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