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Russia claims to destroy American artillery, Norway transfers it to Ukraine

The Russian Defense Ministry announced the destruction of heavy artillery systems that the US and Norway transferred to Ukraine during raids in the east.

“The Russian artillery strike destroyed a Norwegian M109A3 self-propelled howitzer and two US-made M777 howitzers,” said Major General Igor Konashenkov, spokesman for the Ministry of Defense. Russiasaid today.

Video released by the Russian Defense Ministry shows three self-propelled howitzers M109A3 of the Ukrainian army arranged on an empty field. After the Russian artillery barrage shot down, one of the three M109A3 complexes burst into flames.

Russia announced it destroyed American artillery, Norway transferred it to Ukraine

Russian artillery ambushes the M109A3 self-propelled artillery system that was transferred to Ukraine by Norway. Video: Russian Defense Forces.

The Russian military also claimed to have destroyed seven Ukrainian self-propelled guns, including the 203 mm Pion system. Russian shelling also destroyed three Grad multiple launch rocket systems, 10 specialized vehicles, three S-300 anti-aircraft missile launchers near Kramatorsk, a city in the Donetsk Oblast, eastern Ukrainewhich killed more than 400 Ukrainian soldiers, according to General Konashenkov.

Konashenkov added that Russian forces carried out high-precision missile strikes to destroy two ammunition depots and three Ukrainian artillery batteries in the east.

Since the start of the operation, Russia has destroyed 190 aircraft, 129 helicopters, 1,139 drones, 333 surface-to-air missile systems, 3,443 tanks and other weapons, a Russian Defense Ministry spokesman said. other armored vehicles, 478 multiple launch rocket systems, 1,807 self-propelled guns and mortars, and 3,464 specialized vehicles of the Ukrainian forces.

Russia launched a special military operation on February 24 to “demilitarize and de-fascist Ukraine”. Fighting is currently mainly taking place in the region Donbasswhere Russian forces are considered to have an advantage over the enemy thanks to their superior artillery fire.

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