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Russia sets out conditions for grain exports

Russia sets out conditions for grain exports - Photo 1.

The Russian-flagged bulk cargo ship Matros Pozynich passes through the Bosphorus strait connecting the Black Sea and the Mediterranean – Photo: REUTERS

“President Vladimir Putin has made it very clear that in order to Russia provided to the international market, direct and indirect sanctions against Russia must be lifted,” Peskov said at a press conference on June 8.

According to the Kremlin representative, the West and Russia have not had any substantive discussions about lifting sanctions.

Ukraine and Russia account for nearly a third of the global wheat supply. Russia is also a major fertilizer exporter and Ukraine is a major supplier of corn and sunflower oil.

Ukraine’s grain exports have stalled after Russia sent troops into the country in the name of a special military operation.

Kiev authorities accused Moscow of preventing Ukrainian grain ships from leaving the port, but Moscow blamed Ukraine for not clearing mines near seaports.

During a press conference in Turkey on June 8, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov stated that it is Ukraine who needs to clear the ports for exports. He stressed that Russia has fulfilled its commitments to ensure that trade in the Black Sea continues and will do nothing more.

Both Mr. Peskov and Foreign Minister Lavrov accused Ukraine of exaggerating its role in ensuring global food security to make matters worse.

“As far as we know, grain in Ukraine is actually much less than they say,” Peskov said, without providing evidence.

On the other hand, the grain producers’ association of Ukraine accused Russia of taking about 600,000 tons of Ukrainian grain from the areas it controls. This grain was shipped to Russian warehouses in an unspecified quantity that was sold abroad.

Turkey is trying to mediate between Russia and Ukraine on grain exports. Ankara also supports the United Nations plan, pledging to send warships to escort grain ships in the Black Sea.

However, there has not been any progress between Russia and Ukraine on the issue of grain exports.

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