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Russia’s only aircraft carrier continues to delay its operation date

Russia’s sole aircraft carrier, the Admiral Kuznetsov, continues to need repairs and will not be operational again before 2024 at the earliest.

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The Admiral Kuznetsov is the most powerful ship of the Russian Navy and its largest ship. The ship can accommodate nearly 30 combat aircraft and 25 military helicopters, armed with Russia’s most modern anti-submarine and anti-aircraft weapons. The ship’s crew numbered nearly 2,000 people.

The ship, launched in 1985, began overhauling in 2017 and is scheduled to enter service in 2023. However, some defects have been discovered and it will have to stay in port longer. plan. The ship was originally scheduled to return to service this year, but in 2021 its re-service date is pushed to 2023.

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In December 2019, at least one soldier was killed and 12 others injured when a fire broke out on board the ship. The year before, the ship was damaged during repairs when the floating dock holding it sank and a crane fell onto the deck.

According to Insider, the Admiral Kuznetsov has an interesting history. It was originally named “Riga”, but launched in 1985 as “Leonid Brezhnev”, and then began sea trials again as “Tbilisi”. The ship was finally put into service with the name “Admiral of the Soviet Fleet Kuznetsov”, or “Admiral Kuznetsov” in 1991 and entered full service in 1995. It is not nuclear powered. with a heavy fuel, Mazut oil, which emits black smoke with an unpleasant odor into the air.

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The Admiral Kuznetsov was built with the original purpose of opening a new era for Soviet naval aviation. However, mechanical problems and constant breakdowns kept it from being as expected.

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