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Samsung WindFree™ – the secret to ‘cooling down’ the hot season

Samsung WindFree™ smart air conditioner has the ability to cool gently, evenly distribute steam throughout the room without direct wind, effectively filter clean air, save electricity, and be safe for both the elderly and children.

Air-conditioner is not cold

Today, leading technologies from home care brands have become the secret to improving the quality of Vietnamese families’ living space. One of the exclusive secrets from the big Samsung is WindFree technology with the ability to instantly cool, without direct cold wind, helping to keep the family’s living environment cool and fresh with stable cold air. , spread evenly in living space.

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Enjoy the summer, get rid of the worry about the cold wind

Normally, the limitation of air conditioners is that cold air is concentrated in a narrow range, leading to a few areas that are too cold, the wind blowing continuously is easy to cause respiratory diseases, especially for the elderly. and young children. Meanwhile, the more remote areas receive less cold, not cool enough.

Understanding this, WindFree technology from Samsung allows the room to reach a cool temperature quickly without direct wind blowing. Instead, the cold air will gently diffuse the air through the 23,000 micro-holes scattered across the front of the device, creating a gentle breeze that maintains the desired temperature while providing comfort and warmth. for the health of all family members.

Smart filter

Samsung WindFree is designed with 2 smart filters to help limit viruses, bacteria, fine dust and allergens in the air, certified by CAC and Intertek international organizations.

Specifically, the PM 1.0 superfine dust filter on Samsung WindFree has the ability to clean dust and antibacterial. Meanwhile, the TriCare filter with 3 layers of high density filtration and Zeolite coating provides optimal filtration, eliminating viruses, bacteria and allergens. The perfect combination of two filters allows Samsung WindFree to bring a clean atmosphere to the living space, thereby comprehensively protecting the family’s health.

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PM 1.0 ultrafine dust filter certified by CAC and Intertek . international organization

If using air conditioners that consume a lot of electricity has always been a worry for the “key box” in the family, with Samsung WindFree, the “roof” can completely turn on the air conditioner every day. to enjoy a cool and comfortable atmosphere, safe for health with super-saving power consumption thanks to Digital Inverter Boost technology. In particular, when working in combination with WindFree technology and AI intelligent cooling technology to maintain the desired temperature stably, Samsung WindFree can help save energy effectively.

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Samsung WindFree™ smart air conditioner – “Turn on the air conditioner, turn off the worry”

No more worrying about cold winds, superfine dust, bacteria every day or startling numbers on your electricity bill at the end of the month, while protecting your family’s health, the new generation Samsung WindFree is a comprehensive solution. take care of living space for each family.

Optimal support from the “national” brand with modern technology

Not only affirming quality with pioneering technological innovations, Samsung also always takes care and invests in professional after-sales services and customer care, to ensure promptness with 5-star standards. Samsung always builds a user support network with many different support channels suitable for each customer.

Specifically, in the process of using the air conditioner, if there are any questions or problems about Samsung products and services, consumers can contact Samsung Call Center for advice and 24/7 service. free. All inquiries and requests for warranty as well as maintenance are responded to within 24 hours.

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