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Schools seek to innovate teaching and learning History

In the face of different public opinion about history at the high school level is an elective instead of a compulsory subject, at the regular Government meeting last May, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh requested the agencies, after receiving opinions, to have timely solutions, while ensuring the guidelines and regulations of the Party and the laws of the State; both practical and satisfying the wishes of people and experts. The Prime Minister also requested to further improve the quality of teaching and learning History.

In recent years, many schools have also made efforts to make History more attractive and attractive to students.

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Transforming into prominent figures according to the historical period according to the program studied, this form of summarizing the subject really attracts the interest and investment of the students.

Organized once a year, the process of Vietnamese history is told by students together, experienced and engraved together. Approaching history as a science, both teachers and students determine the philosophy of the subject in relation to real life.

Implementing the policy of innovating the method of teaching history, many schools have been creative in designing lesson plans. Remove “formulation” historical story With the dense presentation of events and facts, teachers seek to help students understand the nature of events. By changing the regular class time to a hypothetical Travel Fair, the historical knowledge in the program was thoroughly explored by the students to create attractive and convincing tourist guides.

Recognized at schools with the right attention, placement, and right investment, History is still having a special attraction for students.

Efforts have been made to reform the teaching method of History subject, but according to schools, this activity is most effective only when the method of testing and assessing the subject must also change. Because, the current form of examination is still a barrier that makes many schools and teachers afraid to innovate.

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