Send goods to the US with low cost, many free utilities

You reduce shipping fees to the US for large orders

For large orders sent from Vietnam to the US for business purposes, Quy Nam Company will reduce shipping costs. Offers for the largest orders only range from 220,000/1 kg. Each promotion will have different discounts, but in general, the more you send, the lower the cost.

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10% off for new customers

In addition, for orders that are compact and easy to transport, we also support discounts to help senders save costs. But for the first time, new customers who experience using the shipping service to the US through Quy Nam company will receive a 10% discount on an order.

The promotion program may end soon or change from time to time, you need to contact Quy Nam company to get advice and support from the staff about the package to reduce shipping costs. America.

Free utilities applied in Quy Nam

When using the service of sending goods from Vietnam to the US through Quy Nam company, all customers who are small or large quantity shippers to the US are consulted online or offline by our staff. ready to support, provide information and share useful things to customers wishing to send goods from Vietnam to the US, ensuring the simplest, most effective and economical.

In addition to free utilities, the company also supports customers in the following aspects:

– Door-to-door pick-up: For customers in the inner city of Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi, elderly people who cannot manually send goods to the company’s warehouse, we are ready to come to your home. customers to pick up, pack and ship the goods to the warehouse by truck or motorbike. Coming to your home to pick up the goods will help the sender feel the professionalism and make shipping to the US easier and more convenient.

– Door to door delivery: For the consignee, we have a home delivery service by hand delivery or order at the door to the right address, right order and on time as specified.

Items are sent to the US

Customers can send a variety of goods from Vietnam to the US. Usually the most sent goods include clothes, shoes, fashion goods, casual goods, dry goods, compact goods, cosmetic goods, pharmaceutical goods, personal use goods, mailers, souvenirs, gift items.

Send goods to the US at low cost, with many free utilities - Photo 2.

Clothes, household items… sent safely to the US in Quy Nam

Prohibited items sent to the US

For prohibited items to be sent to the US, most of them are goods that violate the provisions of Vietnamese law and US law. In addition, we do not accept orders for food containing live animals, rare animals, or products related to human humanity…

Quy Nam is one of the units specializing in Ship to USA By air, the goods will reach the recipient in just 7 to 10 working days. Easy shipping procedures, safe delivery of a variety of goods to the US, we commit to customers that when choosing you, you can rest assured and use the service comfortably and easily. .

Currently, we have two main warehouses, one in Hanoi area and one in Ho Chi Minh area, each warehouse can hold from 2 to 3 tons of goods at the same time. enthusiastic, thoughtful, customer support 24/7 in the form of online / offline.

Quy Nam Company

Hotline: 0901 01 8686

Address: No. 34, Nguyen Trong Loi, Ward 4, Tan Binh, City. Ho Chi Minh


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