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Sharing a house with a man to save money, the girl woke up in the middle of the night to a terrible thing

According to Sohu News, the incident happened in Wuxi city, Jiangsu province, China. A girl who shares a house with a stranger to save money ends up being a victim of a sexual assault case.

It is known that Ms. Yang is a worker from the countryside to the city. Because her income is not high, but the cost in the city is too expensive, Ms. Yang has to find ways to save her income. Ms. Yang found a 2 bedroom apartment and shared it with a female colleague. However, after a while, the female colleague decided to leave Wuxi city to find another job.

Unable to bear the rent alone, Ms. Yang discussed with the landlord and then actively went online to find someone to live with to share the rent. However, after a while, Ms. Yang could not find anyone who wanted to rent a room, only a man surnamed Wang, 40, came to ask. This man is also a worker from elsewhere and has a hard life.

Renting a house with a man to save money, the girl woke up in the middle of the night to a terrible thing - 1


At first, Ms. Yang did not agree to share a house with Mr. Wang because of the different sexes anyway, and it was not convenient to live together. However, after thinking about it, Ms. Yang had no choice but to allow Mr. Wang to move in. Ms. Yang thinks the apartment has 2 separate bedrooms, each living their own life, no one affects the other.

At first, Mr. Wang’s lifestyle made Ms. Yang quite satisfied and comfortable. He appeared to be a clean, neat and polite person, of few words. Mr. Wang regularly cleans the house, and takes care of Ms. Yang in a moderate way. The two have never had a dispute when living together, nor have they interfered in each other’s private lives.

But on July 4, 2021, an incident happened. That night, it was very hot so Ms. Yang went to bed but decided to leave the door of her room open for ventilation. After a while, Wang came back from drinking outside, discovered that Ms. Yang’s door was open, so he voluntarily went inside. Seeing the young girl sleeping soundly, only wearing thin pajamas, plus the alcohol in her body, Wang couldn’t control herself, directly rushed to bed to want to rape Ms. Yang.

Ms. Yang woke up in a state of shock and panic. Realizing that the person lying on top of her was Wang, she tried to push him away and shouted for help, but to no avail. Wang pinned Ms. Yang’s limbs down on the bed, kissed her, and tried to pull off her clothes. Fortunately, Ms. Yang struggled strongly, slapped Wang in the face to wake him up, realized he had just made a big mistake, so he immediately stopped.

Experiencing this horror, Ms. Yang was extremely shocked. Despite seeing that Wang showed remorse, Ms. Yang decided to report it to the police.

Through the investigation process, the police believe that Wang did not intend to harm Ms. Yang in advance. That night, he was so drunk that he could not control his thoughts and actions, fortunately did not achieve his goal and later also showed remorse.

At the trial of the Wuxi City People’s Court, Wang was accused of violating Articles 23, 24 and 236 of the Code. Criminal China, eventually sentenced to 2 years in prison.

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