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Sociable or good at keeping emotions private?

If you are a person who worries about what other people think of you, this is definitely a useful test. Check it out and find out the first image you see in this picture. Are you ready?

It’s great when a person doesn’t care what other people think of him, but in the end, the reality is that we are always trying to make a positive impression on people.

So looking at this picture, which image appears in front of your eyes first? Woman or man face, to know what people think of you. Let’s test it together!

The first image you see will reveal how others think of you: Sociable or good at keeping your emotions to yourself - Photo 1.

1. If you see a woman

Your personality is quite generous. The people around you always admire your positive outlook on life. When it comes to teamwork, your personality clearly proves it and people see you as a motivated individual. You are a person who has a goal, takes responsibility and pursues it.

In addition, when you see a woman, you are a person with good communication skills. You are sharp in communicating with people around you, understanding the emotions of others. You are also seen as empathetic and careful not to hurt anyone with your words.

However, you are also susceptible to negative influences from the energies around you. You should balance your emotional state and set clear boundaries so as not to be too influenced by others.

2. If you see a man’s face

You are very good at keeping your emotions to yourself. Therefore, when looking at you, people around will not know what you are thinking. In a team, you are the leader with a lot of energy.

You are also a good analytical person and sure in your decisions. While you may be called easygoing, that doesn’t mean you follow the crowd blindly. You are curious, quite outspoken but people like to be around you because you have a strong positive aura.

Because you value the people in your life, you always put them above yourself. However, sometimes you will feel sad and lost, so love yourself before giving it to others.

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