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Sun Property’s 15-year mark of ‘beautifying the lands’

Mission “Beauty the lands”

Inspired by the journey to beautify lands rich in potential but not yet fully exploited, the first exhibition to introduce the Sun Group and Sun Property Ecosystems (a member of Sun Group) was held in Hai Phong with the attendance of a large number of customers and business professionals from many northern provinces.

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Part of Sun Premier Village Primavera project of Sun Property in Phu Quoc

In a space decorated with light, green materials from nature, combined with diverse colors, the exhibition took the distinguished guests on a journey across the three regions of the country from the northernmost points. such as Quang Ninh, Lao Cai, through Da Nang, Thanh Hoa… to Ngoc Phu Quoc island in the south, sunny and windy.

The masterpiece that stretches out in the shape of the country vividly sketched by Sun Group with the depth of culture, soul and knowledge has been attractively reproduced, making the guests admire the scale of the system. Ecology is made by “quality – class – difference”. It is the Japanese-style resort town of Sun Onsen Village – Limited Edition; Sun Beauty Onsen hot mineral resort complex… or recently introduced projects such as “mysterious valley” Sun Secret Valley; super complex of entertainment – resort – investment Hon Thom Paradise Island; La Fiesta commercial resort complex in Sam Son…

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Investors learn about new projects of Sun Property at the event

Considering “beautifying the lands” as the mission, “raising the value of life” is the task of combining the strategy of “intensive farming” with 3 pillars Sun World (entertainment brand), Sun Hospitality (brand name). resort) and Sun Property (high-end real estate brand), for nearly 15 years, Sun Group has brought a new look full of vitality and class to many localities.

“The criterion of “beautifying the lands” is one of the criteria that we choose. We are always wondering how to make our country more and more beautiful; Our tourism is internationally recognized and our real estate is known to the world”, said Ms. Nguyen Ngoc Thuy Linh – General Director of Sun Property.

Real estate associated with tourism “takes off”

Within the framework of the exhibition, more than 1,000 guests attended two seminars “Real estate investment potential associated with resort tourism in northern coastal cities” and “Tourism and trade panorama in Da Nang and Phu Quoc” ” with the participation of leading industry experts.

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Sun Property’s series of seminars provides an overview and multi-dimensional view of the resort real estate market

The speakers highly appreciated the optimistic signals about the recovery of the tourism industry as well as the real estate associated with resort tourism. In particular, on the holiday of April 30 – May 1, the tourism industry has served about 5 million domestic visitors. Total revenue from tourism reached about 22 trillion VND.

“We feel like we are reviving when large flows of tourists flock to Sun Group’s resorts across the country,” said Ms. Nguyen Vu Quynh Anh – General Director of Sun Hospitality Group.

According to Dr. Nguyen Van Dinh – Vice Chairman of Vietnam Real Estate Association, when the goal of Decree 147 on approving Vietnam’s tourism development strategy to 2030 – “tourism is really a spearhead economic sector and sustainable development. steady; If Vietnam becomes a particularly attractive destination, belonging to the group of 30 countries with the world’s leading tourism competitiveness, when it comes to reality, the opportunities open to the tourism industry are huge.

Mr. Dinh also said that with great benefits from this “sweet fruit”, the real estate industry associated with resort tourism in Vietnam will “take off”. Currently, real estate investment associated with tourism and resorts has good absorption, showing more attractive and sustainable profit potential than land plots.

The speakers all agreed that over the past time, Phu Quoc and Da Nang have received many positive signals from the recovery of tourism, international tourists are returning more and more.

“We are constantly looking for new directions, adding new festival programs, shows, and experiences at destinations to not only attract visitors but more importantly, always bring complete happiness to visitors.” Ms. Tran Thi Nguyen – Sales Director of Sun World shared.

According to Ms. Nguyen Ngoc Thuy Linh, General Director of Sun Property, Sun Property has been developing the commercial business field as an accompaniment to investors with a commitment to sustainable profitability and increasing customer experience. traveler. The commercial business sector will operate with 3 main models: commercial centers, shophouses, retail areas at amusement parks, tourist resorts… to create a complete ecosystem, Living space and rich experiences and raising the value of sustainable real estate.

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Signing ceremony of strategic cooperation between Sun Property and NPX Point Avenue

Sun Property also signed a strategic cooperation agreement with NPX Point Avenue Pte Co., Ltd in the field of education to develop international standard education systems, add value to projects, and realize its commitment to education. methodical and high-class ecosystems.

Sun Property Night – Sublime happiness

Closing the exhibition, the guests were treated with Sun Property Night – a banquet of music, light and art with the gathering of many famous artists.

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Exciting performances in Sun Property Night bring uplifting emotions to the guests

Commenting on the Sun Group’s journey to “beautify the lands”, Dr. Nguyen Van Dinh said that the imprints Sun Group has made are worthy of recognition, creating resilience for many lands. For example, Phu Quoc with the South Island area many years ago was just a poor and unspoiled fishing village, now it has changed with the projects of Sun Premier Village Primavera or Sun Signature Gallery and here is Cau Hon…

“At Sun Property Night, the audience will once again admire the roads that Sun Group and Sun Property have traveled, the lands and works that we have decorated. Sun Group’s journey to create a sublimated and happy life, Sun Property will continue to be written all over the country, with new stops, with new symbols”, said Ms. Nguyen Ngoc Thuy Linh, General Director of Sun Property said.

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