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Thanks to my husband’s shocking statement, I changed

Sometimes because of a shocking statement, at the right time women will be motivated to be determined to do what they want to do.

When the couple was newly married, she was angry at her husband because of petty matters. He begged, but she was still angry. When she turned off the TV to sleep, she was still sitting in the living room. Her husband couldn’t help but pick her up and put her on the bed. She giggled, forgetting all her anger. Since then, no matter when his wife is angry, sometimes, the husband picks up his little wife and spins around, the fatigue of both of them dissipates.

When she gave birth to her second child, she had a miscarriage, so she gave birth early. The baby was underweight, causing her to panic with anxiety. She focused on her daughter every second of every minute, with no time for herself. When the child passed the difficult stage of raising, she also passed the time when her slim body, three rounds of balance.

She looked at herself in the mirror and was sad. When she was sad, she ate again. When you eat, you gain weight. The vicious circle made her sullen, sighing. In the morning, she stood in front of the wardrobe, struggling to try on one shirt after another, each shirt showing her bust like a pillow, making her want to cry.

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The husband enthusiastically bought his wife a massage machine and a treadmill. The two children dragged their mother out of the kitchen when it was time to exercise. Heard any ad for weight loss pills or she bought them to drink. After having a stomach ache once, she panicked, giving up the drug case. She went online, downloaded aerobics training clips, watched the trainers show off her ant waist, she became more determined to strive.

Two months later, she lost three kilograms, but only one month of work and irregular exercise, she gained four kilograms, she wanted to cry. Her weight loss journey was as arduous as fighting the enemy…

Her husband saw her practice hard, said: “Do you look at all the women in your apartment complex to see if anyone is sick but beautiful? Heck, chubby and cute.” Having delicious food, seeing her suffering from hunger, her husband said: “Eat it comfortably, I don’t blame it. Girls need to be slim, women have to be round to be happy.”… Just like that, her will to lose weight flickered like a lamp in the wind, her husband poured cold water on her, so she turned off.

One day, when she stood in front of the mirror and looked at it, her husband blurted out: “Now that I ask you to carry me like in the past, I’ll probably break my spine.” She burst into tears. The husband panicked and comforted: “Come on, if you can’t carry it, you can carry it, come here and see if you can carry it”. She cried harder.

Hating her husband’s statement, she was determined to lose weight. After work, she signed up for aerobics and yoga classes, and went to the gym with friends to keep her cool. She reduced the amount of starch and protein, replacing it with less sweet fruits and vegetables.

After four months of abstinence and active training, she gradually regained her shape, although she was not slim, she was able to confidently wear dresses that flatter her figure. The day she prepared to go to work, her husband looked at her and suddenly picked her up. He joked: “I’m so strong today, I can even hold a fat woman”. She blushed, hearing love overflowing.

Image for illustration purposes only - Tirachardz
Image for illustration purposes only – Tirachardz

Her friend also fell into the same vicious circle as her, forever unable to lose weight. At the end of the year, your son brought his parents’ meeting invitation back to his father. Her husband is busy. The little boy pouted: “There is no one fat in my classmate’s mother.” You feel sorry for yourself, cry well. Thanks to your child’s words, you are determined to lose weight so as not to be an ugly mother.

Sometimes because of a shocking statement, at the right time women will be motivated to be determined to do what they want to do. But what to say and when to… lucky. Because women… it’s hard to please.

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