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The biological mother submits the evidence that the child was murdered

Thai media reported that on June 7, Ms. Panida was present at the police station and handed over important evidence to the police to serve the investigation of the cause of actress Tangmo Nida’s accident. Star of The leaf is flying fell into the water, went missing at the end of February 2022 during a river walk around 11pm with a group of six friends.

Almost two days after the actress went missing, the body of Tangmo Nida be found. After nearly two months of investigation, along with two autopsies, the police concluded that the actress died from drowning. Her case was an ordinary accident and the possibility of the actress being murdered was ruled out. Five friends who were on the yacht with Tangmo Nida were prosecuted for crimes such as inadvertent death, falsifying statements, destroying evidence, driving a boat without a driver’s license, using an expired boat…

The case of the death of the leaf: The biological mother submitted the evidence that the child was murdered - 1

Actress Tangmo Nida (Photo: Instagram).

This result angered Thai public opinion. Last May, after Tangmo Nida was buried, the actress’s mother suddenly announced that she had important evidence about the case. She confirmed that she had found evidence to prove that the unfortunate actress was killed, not an accident as previously announced by the investigative agency.

The actress’ biological mother said that she asked someone to recover deleted data in her daughter’s personal phone and got a lot of important information related to the case. She decided to hand over the phone to the investigating agency and hope the truth will soon be revealed. On June 7, when Ms. Panida came to hand over Tangmo Nida’s phone to the investigating agency, many reporters were on duty there trying to interview and take pictures of her.

The man who recovered the data on Tangmo Nida’s phone was Bang Jack. He was also the one who posted many strange pictures, statuses or livestreams on the actor’s Facebook at the end of May. In it, it is worth noting that a warning was sent to 5 friends who were on the yacht with Tangmo Nida the night she crashed.

Bang Jack is also one of the witnesses in the death of Tangmo. In early March 2022, he revealed that Kratik (the female manager and also a close friend of Tangmo Nida) once sent him a private message, openly admitting that he forced Tangmo to “receive guests”. Kratik’s manager is also one of the five suspects related to Tangmo Nida’s case and is being investigated for falsifying statements.

Bang Jack is Pakistani but currently lives in San Francisco, USA. Currently, Bang Jack has been deported from Thailand for a number of crimes such as death threats, gun use and fraud in the past. Thai police said they would arrest Bang Jack as soon as he set foot in Thailand.

Panida’s former personal lawyer, Decha, said that it was extremely dangerous that Tangmo’s phone was given to Bang Jack, as it contained more than 30 private pictures of celebrities including the rich, businessmen and women. Politicians. They can be used for blackmail, he said.

In addition, at the end of May, a 20-second clip, supposedly capturing the image of a ship carrying a group of friends and Tangmo Nida on the night of her death, caused a stir in Thai public opinion. The clip captures the image of a boat with lights on, playing loud music and surfing on the river. The clip also shows two men hitting someone. Some netizens even heard a voice calling for help.

The clip is taken at night, with no light and the boat moves quite quickly, so the information needs to be verified. Currently, the police are also investigating this clip.

The case of the death of the leaf: The biological mother submitted the evidence that the child was murdered - 3

Ms. Panida believes that her daughter was killed before being pushed into the water (Photo: Thairath).

It has been more than 3 months since actress Tangmo Nida died on the Chao Phraya River, Thailand, public opinion in this country still has not found a satisfactory question. Many viewers mourned for the short-lived actress and hoped that the investigation agency would soon clarify the case.

At the end of April, the Nonthaburi Provincial Prosecutor’s Office (Thailand) announced that it would receive an investigation from the police. They appointed 3 councils responsible for this case. Currently, 6 suspects are temporarily released but are still under close police supervision and banned from leaving the country.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Krisanapong Phutrakul – Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Faculty of Criminology and Administrative Justice of Rangsit University (Thailand), shared with the media, he always believed that Tangmo Nida’s case was not an ordinary accident. often. Thai public opinion hopes that with Tangmo Nida’s phone being handed over, the case will have a new direction and soon find an answer.

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