The extraordinary energy of the teacher with both legs paralyzed

At noon, teacher A Mik moved home to cook rice in a wheelchair on the campus of Dak Ro Wa Primary and Secondary School (Dak Ro Wa commune). Mr. A Mik said he was born in a family with difficult circumstances. More than a year old, A Mik was paralyzed in his right leg after a terrible fever. The boy just grew up with a crutch as a friend.

The extraordinary energy of a teacher with two legs paralyzed - 1

Teacher A Mik.

“Watching you guys have fun dancing, bathing in the river, many times I feel sorry for myself and shed tears. When I was 6 years old, when I heard that I was going to school, I was very happy. Try to stick to the wall, table, bed to learn to walk. At first, my parents took turns carrying me to school. Knowing that I am eager to learn, my parents are always happy and encourage me to have a new joy in life.”Mr. A Mik shared.

During high school, A Mik was fortunate to have a friend near her home to carry her to school. The sun or the wind can’t stop the couple’s footsteps. According to A Mik, that day this land was very difficult, the road to school was bumpy and remote. Especially the rocky stream, on rainy days, we have to move step by step.

The first joy came, the young man walking on crutches with bright eyes passed the exam and was accepted into Kon Tum Province Ethnic Minority Boarding School to stay in the book lights. As time went on, years of hard work helped him get into Kon Tum Pedagogical College.

At that time, this was the desired school of many highland students. Regardless of that strong and stubborn heart, her wish to become a teacher to teach children letters came true after A Mik graduated from school.

In 2014, Mr. A Mik had a lover and got married. The young child is only 2 years old, but because of his hard life, his wife left him to find a new life. In 2020, the teacher had an accident that caused his left leg to break, making it impossible to move. Since then, the young teacher’s daily activities depend on a wheelchair.

“I had to lie down in an accident myself, my wife could not contact me, so many times I wanted to free myself. But thinking about the innocent eyes of the students, I am determined not to surrender to fate.” Mr. A Mik is sad.

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