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The goal is that by 2030, mango exports will reach 650 million USD

In recent years, mango is a key export fruit of Vietnam thanks to its large raw material area. Like Dong Thap province, mango is also selected as one of the five commodities to implement the restructuring scheme.

The total area of ​​mango growing in the country is over 114,000 ha; in which the Mekong River Delta accounts for nearly half. The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has set a target that by 2030, the whole country will have about 140,000 hectares of mangoes with an output of 1.5 million tons and export turnover to $650 million.

The goal is that by 2030, mango exports will reach $650 million - Photo 1.

In recent years, mango is a key export fruit of Vietnam thanks to its large raw material area. (Illustrated photo – Photo: VNA)

In 2021, Vietnam’s mango export turnover is more than 180 million USD, accounting for just over 1% of total world mango exports.

The main export market of Vietnamese mangoes is China, accounting for nearly 84%, reaching nearly 152 million USD; Next is the market of Russia, the United States, Korea, EU, Australia, Japan… The prerequisite when exporting mango is traceability.

Particularly in the Mekong Delta, there are now nearly 300 growing area codes issued for export.

Notably, the area of ​​mango growing according to VietGAP and GlobalGAP standards of the region is nearly 2,000 hectares, accounting for nearly 4% of the total area. It is necessary to further expand the standard mango growing area to meet export requirements, which is a requirement for localities.

Loss of crops in the world’s mango granary

Mango is also one of the favorite tropical fruits and grown in many countries around the world, so it is quite difficult for Vietnam to get to the market.

India is considered the world’s mango bowl, accounting for 55% of global production. However, this year will be a bad year for mango farmers in India. 80% of India’s mango production has been lost to extreme weather.

Indians love mangoes and they take pride in their mangoes too. The country currently grows more than 1,500 varieties of mango, which are exported around the world, accounting for 55% of global production.

This year, however, the Indian mango is facing a sad reality. Output has dropped by as much as 80%. The record-breaking heat in March and April ruined the flowering period of mangoes, while erratic rains caused pests to thrive.

The president of the All India Mango Growers Association said he had never seen such a drastic drop in mango production in his entire life.

The traditional Indian mango season is from March to June every year. This is one of the main export items of this country, each year exporting to the world nearly 50,000 tons.

India’s Times Now newspaper reported that, after rice and wheat, mango is the next crop to fall victim to an unusually intense heat wave in recent months. The price of Indian domestic mangoes is at 100 Rupees/kg, more than 30,000 VND.

The current situation makes New Delhi worry that it will lose its export market share, especially in the leading markets of Indian mangoes such as the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Qatar or Kuwait.

Farmers have always considered rain and sunshine as a matter of heaven, they accepted. But now climate change seems to be pushing Indian farmers to the threshold of tolerance.

As noted by the Indian Post Newspaper, mango fruit production has actually decreased continuously in the past 3 years because of inclement weather. Up to this year, as recorded in one gardener, there are only less than 5 trees left with less than 5 fruit trees left of 100 trees. Not only mango, wheat, rice… tomato production in India is also suffering heavy losses, in some places down 80%.

Son La promotes mango consumption

The loss of the mango crop in India will greatly reduce the world supply of this agricultural product and Vietnam will have the opportunity to expand the market.

Now is the time when both the South and the North have mango production entering the harvest. In order to plan output, as well as seize market opportunities, recently, the Conference to connect consumption and export of mango and agricultural products in Son La province 2022 was held with 29 domestic and foreign demand points. This is also an annual activity organized by Son La province in collaboration with the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

The event was attended by major distributors, e-commerce platforms, representatives of the Vietnam Trade Office in many markets such as Australia, UAE, Korea, representatives of some Chinese trade agencies and leaders. Department of Industry and Trade in many localities.

The goal is that by 2030, mango exports will reach 650 million USD - Photo 2.

Son La mango is now exported and introduced in 8 countries and territories. (Photo: VNA)

This year, due to the influence of the weather, Son La mango has a decrease in design, but the output still reaches about 75,000 tons, ranking second in the country. Most of the area has been cared for and harvested according to safe production processes such as VietGAP, GlobalGAP and organic production.

Currently, the province has 99 mango growing areas that have been granted planting area codes for export to markets such as China, Australia, the US and New Zealand with an area of ​​over 1,400 hectares.

“Son La province is committed to creating all the most favorable conditions for businesses to capture the market, determine fruit tree areas, planting areas and implement economic contracts,” said Mr. Nguyen Thanh Cong, Vice President. Chairman of Son La Provincial People’s Committee, emphasized.

Representatives of the Vietnam Trade Office in other countries also suggested that Son La should have a mechanism to classify mangoes, on that basis, the Trade Office should promote according to the criteria for consumers to distinguish and understand the value of each type; Besides, it is necessary to have a solution to shorten the shipping time to ensure product quality.

Son La mango has now been exported and introduced to 8 countries and territories, the turnover next year is higher than the previous year, in 2021 alone, despite being affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, the value of exported mango products reached about 3 million USD.

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