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The man who cried like rain discovered that all 3 children are not biological

Discovering that all 3 daughters are not his own, Mr. Tran runs to confront his wife, but the wife calmly asks: Is bloodline so important?

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Tieu Tran burst into tears when sharing her story.

Tieu Tran (now 40 years old, in Shang Rao, Jiangsu, China) cried like rain after discovering the incident.

Sharing with the media, Tieu Tran said that he and his wife have been married for 16 years and have 3 daughters. The eldest daughter is 15 years old this year, the youngest daughter is 5 years old. To have money to support his wife and children, Tieu Tran works outside the country all year round.

A year ago, his wife left, leaving 3 children at home. Through phone locator, Tieu Tran went to find his wife and found her in a hotel. That day, he waited outside all night. In the morning, he found his wife in the arms of another man out of the hotel.

In order for her children to have a complete family, Tieu Tran chose to forgive. But soon after, his wife disappeared again and turned off the cell phone locator. Tieu Tran suddenly realized that something was wrong. He thought back to the past and remembered that when his wife was pregnant with his youngest daughter, he had very few opportunities to be with his wife. Therefore, Tieu Tran secretly took her youngest daughter to test the paternity. Turns out, the youngest daughter is not his biological child.

Tieu Tran continued to take the other 2 children for DNA testing. As a result, none of his three daughters were related by blood to him.

Too miserable, Tieu Tran came to question his wife. But the wife casually asked: Is bloodline so important?

His wife’s question surprised Tieu Tran. The secret for 16 years was discovered, but his wife didn’t seem to realize the mistake, she considered it a normal thing.

The incident spread on social media, causing many people to discuss. The majority expressed sympathy with the suffering of the husband. Many people advised Tieu Tran to divorce, not to live with such a treacherous person.

Currently, Tieu Tran has filed an application with the court and is waiting for the divorce settlement date.

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