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The moments of panic because children ran out into the street

08/06/2022 15:28 GMT+7

Street houses are convenient for commuting and doing business, but they also have many potential risks, especially when the house has small children.

The clip recorded by the dashcam recorded a traffic situation that occurred at 4:27 pm on June 6 on an empty road through a residential area. The driver was driving at the allowed speed, suddenly from the right a child ran from the house gate to the street.

The moments of panic because children ran out into the street

The little burnt road ran quite steeply, fortunately when he followed the momentum to the right half of the lane, he stopped. Because the driver had observed in advance, he steered in time to avoid causing an accident. The adults in the house ran out to catch up and carried the grandchild back to the house.

However, not all children are so lucky. Another clip taken by the security camera of a roadside house recorded the accident that happened at 5:44 pm on June 7, 2022.

According to the clip, on the left side of the road, there are many adults stopping motorbikes to talk. A woman walks two children, a boy and a girl, across the street into her house. After that, the mother and daughter went out to the street together.

The little girl ran out into the street without looking, just as a black 5-seater car approached. Too suddenly, the driver braked the car and could not avoid the collision with the girl.

The moments of panic because children ran out into the street
Image cut from clip

After watching the clip, netizens were indignant about the negligent act of the woman in blue when taking care of young children. Moreover, when he saw the girl in an accident, he pulled her out of the car and shook her – an unscientific first aid skill.

Some comments from netizens:

Why don’t adults take care of children with any responsibility: 1. Let the children run freely across the street. 2. When the accident shocks the victim up immediately. Watch and get angry. The driver and the baby are both miserable”;

“If you look after your child, how can you avoid it. If you live near a big road, you should lock the door, not afraid to come. Hope the baby’s accident will be over”;

“Make it a habit for your children to only be allowed to cross the street when holding an adult’s hand. How many cases have been like this, I love you so much”;

“Children have a habit of running a lot. The more they chase them, the more they run because they think they’re playing. It’s impossible to take care of children, especially at roadside houses. Hope the baby gets well soon”;

“Looking at my grandchildren like this, it’s only painful for people on the street to look at them, but it’s too bad for me. I hope I’m okay”;

“Children next to the street are absolutely forbidden to cross the street by themselves. If you want to cross the street, you have to stand and call your parents or an adult to lead you over. It’s necessary to give a few whips to remember but accidentally look at the pictures. This is so sad“.

Lam Giang; Clip: MXH

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