The new MV of Low G and the ‘heart-stopping’ gen Z

Released on June 5, the new music product of two young talents Low G and tlinh has created a fever in the Vietnamese music lover community.

New MV of Low G and Z-1 gen's 'heart-stopping' spirit

The “Bao Man” quickly created a fever on many social networking platforms

Low G’s real name is Nguyen Hoang Long, he is a famous dancer and has achieved certain achievements in his career. Some of the outstanding awards include the Top 4 Burn The Rulez Hiphop 2v2 contest in 2017, Top 8 Red Bull Hip Hop 2v2 in 2018 and Top 4 Royal Jam Hip Hop 2v2 in 2019. The shift to rap has been made. helped Low G pop up and become one of the favorite rappers among young people. Currently, Low G is also holding the top 6 trending tabs on Youtube with the song Clone.

New MV of Low G and Z-2 gen's 'heart-stopping' spirit

Low G makes a cool appearance in a new hit

Not to be outdone, Low G’s companion in the MV “People Go Bao” is also a bright name among current female rappers. This girly girl gave up her family’s traditional medical career to pursue her passion for music, and then continuously achieved many successes, especially after she achieved third place on the show. Rap Viet 2020. The impression that t Linh left after the program was a rapper with a liberal and strong personality.

New MV of Low G and Z-3 gen's 'heart-stopping' spirit

Low G and tlin give their best in new collaboration MV

Collaborating in this MV, Low G and tlinh directly participated in composing and writing lyrics. The work of Bao Dai is a song aimed at young people, carrying a positive and humane message. At the beginning of the song is the image of Low G appearing in a classroom with students wearing paper sacks on their heads, an image that evokes darkness, suffocation, and uncertainty. They are also the characters representing young people who are withdrawn and closed, enclosing themselves in a safe zone, swirling in their own illusions and avoiding reality.

But why live like that when you only have one life, one chance? That is what t Linh conveys with her song in the melody behind: “Go, friend, go out and play. Because many good things are waiting for you, believe me, don’t be afraid.” Life is meaningful when you can be yourself, overcome all barriers, difficulties and challenges to improve yourself and become a better version of yourself. The image of young people dancing, the dance battle shows the limitless potential and will of today’s young people, your job is simply to free yourself from the circle of fear that you have built and ” let loose” wholeheartedly.

New MV of Low G and Z-4 gen's 'heart-stopping' spirit

The Man Go Bao MV spreads the message of positive life to young people

New MV of Low G and Z-5 gen's 'heart-stopping' spirit

“The Man Who Goes Bao” quickly reached more than 1 million views and was top 17 trending YouTube after 40 hours of release

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