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The package of VND 7,000 billion to upgrade the national railway is worried about delay


According to the Ministry of Transport, up to now, the main items of the component projects have been basically completed, but there are still some work items and bidding packages that are behind schedule and have not been completed.

Cause of work Clearance slow; the project management boards have not fully performed the roles and responsibilities of the investor in directing technical handling at the site, and have not promptly handled contractors behind schedule.

The Ministry of Transport requires units to have tough solutions to completely solve the site clearance work in accordance with the provisions of the law, if it is necessary to implement coercion. At the same time, it is required to urgently mobilize all human resources, materials and equipment to carry out the construction.

Package of VND 7,000 billion in medium-term capital for 2016-2020 to renovate and upgrade essential works on the route North-South railway including 4 urgent projects.

The Railway Project Management Board was assigned by the Ministry of Transport to be the investor of 3 projects: Renovating and upgrading weak bridges and reinforcing anti-collision pillars on the Hanoi – Ho Chi Minh City railway; To renovate and upgrade essential works in the Hanoi – Vinh section; Renovating and upgrading essential works in the Nha Trang – Saigon section.

PMU 85 was assigned to be the investor of a project: The project of strengthening weak tunnels combined with opening new stations and renovating the upper floor architecture of Vinh – Nha Trang section.

The goal of lifting is to upgrade the entire route with a load of 4.2 tons/m2, increase the throughput capacity of the route from 18 pairs of trains/day and night to 23-25 ​​pairs of trains/day and night and can be operated with Average speed of passenger trains is 80 – 90 km/h, freight trains are 50-60 km/h… from there, the volume of freight on the whole route can increase by 1.3 – 1.5 times and the volume passenger transport increased by 1.5 – 1.6 times.

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