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The source of the case that the bridge builder gave 100 billion to Hai Phong was prosecuted

Wednesday, June 8, 2022 07:07 AM (GMT+7)

To Hai Phong people, businessman Ta Quyet Thang, Director of Son Truong Company is not a stranger because he spent nearly 100 billion VND to build Tam Bac Bridge for Hai Phong City.

Son Truong Company accused the owner of Thuong Ly Bus Station of tricking into borrowing more than 4,300m2 of land for parking, but occupied it.

Unable to claim, Son Truong Company mobilized forces to surround the bus station and seal the land, causing the leader of this company to be prosecuted.

The source of the case that the bridge builder gave 100 billion to Hai Phong was prosecuted - 1

With the organization of people and vehicles surrounding Thuong Ly bus station, Mr. Ta Quyet Thang – Director of Son Truong Co., Ltd. was prosecuted.

Being prosecuted for organizing a bus stop

Around 10:30 p.m. on October 10, 2021, at the side gate of Thuong Ly Bus Station (Hanoi Road, So Dau Ward, Hong Bang District, Hai Phong) appeared a group of more than 100 people claiming to be officers and workers of Paint Co., Ltd. The school came to coerce and reclaim the land that this company lent to Hai Phong Metallurgy Company many years ago.

This group of people broke into the side gate of the bus station, used a crane, a forklift to take 12 tower cranes worth 360 million VND and then loaded them into 2 container trucks.

The group of people above also cut down iron gates, smashed doors and fences, used many containers to block the passage, used iron chains to lock 19 passenger cars of Ket Doan Transport Co., Ltd., which were deposited at Ben wharf. Thuong Ly car.

Immediately after the above incident, Mr. Luu Thanh Dong, General Director of Hai Phong Metallurgy Company (the owner of Thuong Ly bus station) sent a criminal denunciation and petitioned to prosecute the case to relevant agencies. .

After identifying signs of crime, the Investigation Police Agency, Hong Bang District Police issued a decision to prosecute a criminal case to investigate according to regulations.

On April 22, 2022, the Hong Bang District Police Investigation Agency issued a decision to prosecute the accused against Mr. Ta Quyet Thang, Director of Son Truong Co., Ltd. for causing public disorder.

The decision stated that, around 10 pm on October 10, 2021, Ta Quyet Thang organized people and vehicles (belonging to Son Truong Company) to disturb public order at Area B, Thuong Ly Bus Station.

Before prosecuting Mr. Ta Quyet Thang, the Investigation Police Agency also prosecuted two of his subordinates: Mr. Luong Viet Tap (Deputy Director) and Mr. Nguyen Van Khien (employee) of Son Truong Company with the same crime.

“For you, for her”

The source of the case that the bridge builder gave 100 billion to Hai Phong was prosecuted - 2

Land loan letter of Mr. Luu Thanh Dong with the representative of Son Truong company

To Hai Phong people, businessman Ta Quyet Thang, Director of Son Truong Company is no stranger. Mr. Thang is the one who paid for the construction of Tam Bac bridge worth nearly 100 billion VND to Hai Phong city.

This bridge crosses the Tam Bac River connecting the Ha Ly area which was formerly known as the “doo hamlet” with the central area of ​​Hai Phong. Currently, Mr. Thang’s Son Truong enterprise has more than 3,000 officials and workers working in the fields of construction, seaports, transportation…

Up to this point, the investigation agency has prosecuted Mr. Ta Quyet Thang for more than a month. The investigation agency determined that Mr. Thang was not a dangerous object, so he did not apply temporary detention.

Mr. Thang is quite calm, but he cannot avoid being bitter when talking about being prosecuted.

“If anyone falls into our situation, lends their land to their “brothers” and then takes it over without paying, they will understand why we do that. Our land, we reclaimed it, but now we are being prosecuted”, Mr. Thang explained.

The representative of Son Truong Company presented evidence to confirm that this business owns a land area of ​​4,383m², and still pays the land rent in full every year.

In March 2019, Mr. Pham Dang Khoa was then Head of the Administrative Organization Department of Son Truong Co., Ltd., was assigned to stand as a representative to make a written agreement for Mr. Luu Thanh Dong to borrow the yard with an area of ​​​​4,383m².

In this agreement, it is also clearly stated that when Mr. Khoa has a need to use it, he will only need to notify Mr. Dong 30 days in advance.

“Because we have a need to use the land, from December 2020, Mr. Khoa continued to make a document on behalf of the company asking Mr. Dong to release materials, goods and equipment on the yard to return it. ground.

We didn’t see Mr. Dong do it, so we sent 3 more notices after that, the last time was in September 2021 but Mr. Dong still refused to pay the ground, forcing us to report to the local authorities and at the same time. organized coercion to take back their land”, Mr. Thang said.

For the representative of Hai Phong Metallurgical Company, Mr. Luu Thanh Dong, General Director said: In 2019, the company contracted to borrow 4,383m2 of wharves with Son Truong Co., Ltd. and had to pay 200 million VND/year to do the work. car parking.

This land area was previously just a landfill, Hai Phong Metallurgical Company had to invest billions of dong to level and build a system of facilities to serve as a parking lot for cars. Suddenly, by July 2021, Son Truong Co., Ltd. proposed to increase the “loan” from 200 million VND to 600 million VND.

Due to the complicated development of the Covid-19 epidemic, the number of rental costs increased suddenly, so Hai Phong Metallurgical Company was in the process of negotiating, not yet coming to an agreement, when Son Truong Co., Ltd. parking” parking lot.

Why not ask the court to arbitrarily coerce?

The source of the case that the bridge builder gave 100 billion to Hai Phong was prosecuted - 3

19 passenger cars of Ket Doan Transport Co., Ltd. were suddenly locked and sealed

“If it is a dispute between the two parties that cannot be reached, then the jurisdiction is the court, but cannot act according to the “law of the jungle” like that”, Mr. Dong said.

Meanwhile, Mr. Ta Quyet Thang said: “Our land is lent to Mr. Dong, but he wants to cheat and rob us.

There are also people who advised us why we don’t comply with the law, which is to sue in court. However, if we do that, we don’t know when we will get our land back.”

From a legal perspective, lawyer Nguyen Van Hai (Hanoi Bar Association) said that, through studying the records, it is true that the land in area B that Thuong Ly bus station is using belongs to Son Truong Company. .

The company lent it to Hai Phong Metallurgy Company, but when it asked for it, it was not returned.

If according to the prescribed order, Son Truong Company will sue to court to claim land. However, this requires a long time because it will involve trial and judgment enforcement… Son Truong Company has chosen another option, which is to reclaim the land by itself.

“However, the land claim method of this enterprise is quite rigid and coercive, so both the director, deputy director and employees of Son Truong company were prosecuted for causing public disorder.

When conducting an investigation, the investment police agency also needs to consider the root causes that led to the people of Son Truong Company to have acted like that”, the lawyer stated.

Transport enterprises encounter “windfalls and disasters”

When Son Truong Company coerced area B, Thuong Ly bus station, there were 19 passenger cars of Ket Doan Co., Ltd.

Ket Doan Company has a parking contract with Hai Phong Metallurgy Company (owner of Thuong Ly Bus Station) but it has been locked and sealed, unable to operate for a while. During the process of the passenger car being sealed, a case of a car of Ket Doan Company caught fire.

“We have nothing to do with the dispute between Hai Phong Metallurgy Company and Son Truong Company, but we have been “disputed”. Up to this point, no unit has come forward to compensate for our damage,” said Mr. Tran Quang Ket, Director of Ket Doan Company.

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