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The world’s mango grove has lost its crop

Van Anh (VTV reporter residing in the Middle East)Tuesday, June 7, 2022 12:05 GMT+7

Indians love mangoes and they take pride in their mangoes too. The country currently grows more than 1,500 varieties of mango, which are exported around the world, accounting for 55% of global production. This year, however, Indian mangoes are facing a painful reality – yields have fallen by up to 80%. The record-breaking heat in March and April ruined the flowering period of mangoes, while erratic rains caused pests to thrive.

The president of the All India Mango Growers Association said he had never seen such a drastic drop in mango production in his entire life.

The traditional mango season of India is from March to June. This is one of the main export items of this country, each year exporting to the world nearly 50,000 tons. India’s Times Now newspaper reported that, after rice and wheat, mango is the next crop to fall victim to an unusually intense heat wave in the past few months. The price of mangoes sold domestically in India has now surpassed Rs 100/kg (more than VND 30,000).

The world's mango granary has lost its crop - Photo 1.

Mango production in India has fallen sharply.

The current situation makes New Delhi worry that it will lose its export market share, especially in the leading markets of Indian mangoes such as the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Qatar or Kuwait.

The unusually hot weather is having direct consequences on life, the Indian economy from severe electricity shortages, crop failure.. The Economic Times of India said that this is a vivid proof of the problems. challenges India is facing, to ensure Food Security in the context of Climate Change.

The heat in March in India is a record for more than 120 years, April is a record in 50 years. However, now, according to Indian scientists, the probability of such heat waves has increased 30 times. While the north of India is hot and sunny, the south is pouring rain, not according to any rules.

Farmers have always considered rain and sunshine as a matter of heaven, so they accepted. But now climate change seems to be pushing Indian farmers to the threshold of tolerance.

As noted by the Postal Service of India, mango fruit production has actually been continuously declining for the past 3 years because of inclement weather. As of this year, as recorded in a gardener, there are only less than 5 trees left in 100 trees. Not only mango, wheat, rice… tomato production in India is also suffering heavy losses, down to 80% in some places.

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