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Thinking about the scene of waiting to apply for a job, I am scared

After 10 years, now I am about to go back to applying for a job, only now I am applying for a job for my wife.

I am male, 32 years old. At the age of 22, I graduated from a middle-class university, then like many other friends of my generation, I applied for a job at a government agency. Then my parents took me to my uncle’s house, who was an official to apply for a job. For a whole year, I wore dead trees, grass, tires, especially my personality and facial skin. Anyone who has ever applied for a job will understand very well what it feels like to sit and wait. After a year, I also did not have a job, the last sentence I received from my cousin: “I have already retired to the back line, I cannot help you anymore”. Since then, I have not applied for a job at a government agency anymore, went out to work as a private person, and now have passed 10 years. Currently, my assets are close to 15 billion VND, if I deposit it in a bank, I will have a prosperous life for the rest of my life, sometimes I don’t spend all my money because I live in a small province.

>> My life is about applying for jobs

My wife, whom I married three years ago, is a teacher 35 kilometers away from home. Recently, thanks to acquaintance, my wife asked me to transfer work to a school near my house. When I heard about applying for a job, I was still very haunted. I made the point that my wife should quit her job, find another place to work near the house, no need to rush to earn money, I have taken care of everything. Basically, the wife’s salary is also low. Now that my wife tells me to go get a job for her, to be honest, I can’t go to people’s houses a few dozen times and wait for them. The couple had different views, and the wife told me that I did not love her and did not work hard. I am in dire need of advice. Hope you advice.


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