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Three articles written in the middle of the translation day… prize C and mother’s happy smile!

I learned about the library of Binh Vong village (Thuong Tin), Duong Lieu library (Hoai Duc) and the bookcase of the Nguyen Ba family (Ba Vi)… of Hanoi on the occasion of attending a seminar on reading culture organized by the National Library of Vietnam. Participating in 2019. Watching documentary videos about the reading movement and spreading reading culture in village libraries/family bookcases, I had the intention to make a series of articles on this issue.

Three articles written in the middle of the translation day… prize C and mother's happy smile!  - Photo 1.

Journalists Ha Tung Long and Nguyen Dinh (under the pseudonym Gia Khiem) at the award ceremony at the Hanoi Party Committee. Photo: HTL.

I am really excited with the story of Mr. Duong Van Phi and Luong Van Tang – two retired military officers who collected every little of their pension to establish Binh Vong library (1999) as a meeting point for literature. reading for people in the region. From the initial number of books only about 200 books and after just over 10 years, there were nearly 5000 books, newspapers and magazines of all kinds.

I really admire the heart of Phung Ba Hung – a journalism bachelor who dared to come up with the idea of ​​​​establishing Duong Lieu library in 2013 when he had nothing but youth and enthusiasm in his hand. However, after 7 years of establishing the library, Hung and some enthusiastic brothers and sisters have turned the village library into an extremely useful cultural and entertainment space. In addition to providing nearly 2,000 books and newspapers of all kinds for children and adults to read every day, the library also regularly organizes collective activities on different topics for children.

And most of all, it is the bookcase of the Nguyen Ba family in Ba Vi. This is the first family bookcase in Hanoi to spread reading culture. From a meager bookcase of the family, initially only serving the needs of expanding knowledge for children in the family, then gradually became a “red address” about the reading culture of the village. It is important that this bookcase has not only given wings to dreams and raised knowledge, but also a place to spread the study promotion movement in poor rural areas.

Three articles written in the middle of the translation day… prize C and mother's happy smile!  - Photo 2.

Journalist Ha Tung Long represented the group to receive the award. Photo: Writing Thoughts.

After a while, when I wanted to “pick up the car and go” like the way I usually do when I was in charge of writing reportage at Family & Society newspaper 15 years ago, the Covid-19 epidemic hit. And I have to wait until Hanoi relaxes the blockade and people are normal in new conditions before I have the opportunity to implement this idea. I decided to invite reporter Nguyen Dinh (pseudonym Gia Khiem) – the most energetic, energetic and agile brother in the group to work with me on a series of articles.

Honestly, when we approached some village libraries and family bookcases, many places were still “closed to the port” to prevent epidemics, some places have reopened but are still in epidemic prevention conditions. rigor. Because of that, to be able to observe, meet and talk to the characters is a difficult story and takes a lot of time.

First, we approached the founders of the village library and family bookcase to get information. In the countryside, people call these people “knowledge sparks”, “light sowers”, “reading culture ambassadors”, “soul doctors”… although each place has a different name but All in all, they all show a sense of respect and gratitude. It is thanks to these people that the light of knowledge and reading culture has spread to every corner of each village.

Everyone we approached was excited, even enthralled, when asked about the development of a village library or family bookcase. And when it comes to “sweet fruit” that they have reaped after many years of building the library, there are happy tears rolling down. Many times, reporters also teared up according to the happiness of the character, the happiness was exchanged by too much sweat and tears of yesterday.

Three articles written in the middle of the translation day… prize C and mother's happy smile!  - Photo 3.

Young readers are engrossed with comic books at Duong Lieu library. Photo: DN.

The hardest part is still reaching out to the villagers – the elements of reading culture. It seems that people in the countryside at that time were still very wary of people returning from the “red zone” of the capital. However, by professional measures, Nguyen Dinh and I finally had enough material to carry out our series of articles in the most satisfactory way.

Three articles “Farmers spread reading culture” won the C prize and mother’s happy smile!

When working on 3 articles, the general title of the 3 articles is what worries me the most. After offering many options, we finally decided to choose “Farmers spread reading culture”. The title just reflects the actual situation of village libraries/family bookcases; close to the style and audience of the newspaper Vietnamese people. “Out” the general title, the separate title is no longer important and having a separate title also means that the entire writing direction of the article is complete.

And within a week, the series includes: Village library, family bookcase – The “flames” that light up knowledge (lesson 1), Duong Lieu Library – Sowing love on each book (Lesson 2) and Turning the village library into a “nucleus” to build the lifestyle of Hanoi people (lesson 3) complete. The article, after being published in Dan Viet newspaper, has attracted the attention of many readers. Many of the characters named in the article were immediately printed out to be posted in the library for everyone to read. Many readers also expressed their admiration for the farmers who contributed to spreading the reading culture.

Three articles written in the middle of the translation day… prize C and mother's happy smile!  - Photo 4.

People come to read books at the library of Binh Vong – Thuong Tin village when the Covid-19 epidemic has not yet appeared. Photo: Literature.

And happiness is doubled when our series won the C prize of the 4th edition of the Press Prize for Cultural Development and Building an elegant, civilized Hanoian – 2021.

This is the first award that marks the career of Nguyen Dinh and I when we first joined the newspaper. Vietnamese people. This is also the first journalism award for both me and Nguyen Dinh when participating in the journalism award organized by the Hanoi Party Committee.

As soon as I received the award, I brought the trophy, certificate and award home to show my mother. My mother had a stroke a few months ago, she cannot speak yet and is in slow recovery. Seeing her son’s achievement, she really wanted to say something but could only move her lips but couldn’t say anything. However, looking at her bright eyes and smile, I know she is very happy.

Happy because my son is increasingly asserting himself in the writing career, there are more and more quality journalistic works. Happy because many times her son wanted to give up journalism but finally managed to stay with the profession. I know how to go to the end with the word “commitment” to create valuable articles, build a better life and record new milestones on my career path.

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