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US police arrest man who pushed women down New York subway tracks

June 7, City police New York (NYPD) of New York state (USA) arrested a man on suspicion of pushing a woman down the subway tracks in the Bronx over the weekend.

US police arrested the man who pushed a woman down the New York subway tracks - photo 1

CCTV images taken at the moment the suspect pushed the victim onto the train tracks


In the latest in a string of violent crimes at one of the largest passenger transport systems world, NYPD announced the arrest of Theodore Ellis, a 30-year-old suspect in the Bronx after receiving clues, according to Reuters news agency on June 8.

In order to find the culprit, the NYPD shared a video recording the entire attack. Accordingly, at noon on June 5, a young man walked up behind a woman, locked his arms around this person and threw her onto the tracks of an oncoming train at Jackson Avenue station.

The woman is currently hospitalized in stable condition. Local media reported that passers-by pulled the victim off the tracks before the train entered the station. She broke her collarbone and was scratched.

The NYPD offers a $3,500 reward for clues leading to the arrest of the attacker. After receiving people’s reports, the police successfully caught Ellis.

Every day, there are more than 3 million trips on the subway system of New York City. In recent times, attacks, involving women, are on the rise at metro stations.

On January 15, a homeless person pushed the victim, an Asian woman, onto a train that was rushing to the station in Times squarecausing the victim to die on the spot.

The police confirmed that the attack happened without cause and that the victim did not know or have previous contact with the suspect.

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