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US, South Korea conduct air drills near North Korea

South Korean fighter jets and US fighters today (June 7) conducted an air drill in the Yellow Sea near North Korea.

According to Yonhap news agency, the drills took place just a few days after North Korea announced consecutive launch of 8 short-range ballistic missiles towards the sea to the east of the country.

“During the exercise, South Korea deployed 16 fighter jets including F-35A, F-15 and KF-16. As for the US side, they deployed four F-16 fighters”, the statement was released by the Joint Chiefs of Staff Korea (JCS) launched today.

yonhap 820
US and South Korean fighters exercise today. Photo: Yonhap

“The drills between the US and South Korea demonstrate the ability and strong will to launch a swift and precise strike against any provocation coming from North Korea,” the statement added.

The United States and South Korea have recently increased security coordination through military drills amid concerns that North Korea is preparing to conduct a nuclear test under the Yonhap news agency, Yonhap reported. ground.

Video: Korea Defense Blog

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