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Used to make Korean showbiz turbulent and noisy with ex-boyfriends

Recently, the actress Seo Ye Ji made an impressive comeback in “Night Swan“. The heroine Lee Ra El played by Seo Ye Ji is also extremely strong.

Even many people think that this character is more formidable than the role played by Seo Ye Ji in “Crazy What’s Wrong”.

Seo Ye Ji’s return made the public remember the noisy incident between her and her ex-boyfriend Kim Jung Hyun more than a year ago. Remembering the noisy incident of Seo Ye Ji last year, the public could not help but shudder and be somewhat afraid of this “crazy woman”.


Sexy beauty is suspected of “cutlery”

Born in 1990, Seo Ye Ji is the same age as Park Shin Hye, but compared to the “Heir” beauty, this popular “crazy woman” entered the entertainment industry much later.


If Park Shin Hye began to be known for her child role in “Stairway to Heaven” in 2003, Seo Ye Ji only entered the entertainment industry in 2013. The reason why Seo Ye Ji had a late “debut” was as follows. That’s because she wasn’t interested in the entertainment industry at first. Seo Ye Ji’s original dream was to be a female broadcaster.

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Seo Ye Ji impresses with her sexy and attractive appearance.

After stepping into the Korean film industry and trying out many unpopular characters, it was until “Crazy What’s Wrong” that Seo Ye Ji really became known. Compared to her friend Park Shin Hye of the same age, Seo Ye Ji has an advantage in terms of physical appearance. Seo Ye Ji has a perfect height of 1m70 and a slim body. With such a slim body, few think that Seo Ye Ji has a full and attractive bust. Knowing her own advantages, Seo Ye Ji often wears outfits that help her enhance the charm of her sexy bust.


Such a sexy body, but Seo Ye Ji was once suspected of touching “cutlery”. Specifically, in 2014, netizens suddenly “dig up” pictures that are believed to be of Seo Ye Ji in high school and think that the actress had plastic surgery to have such a beautiful appearance. now.

In the picture, a high school girl with a board named Seo Ye Ji. Many people commented that, if you compare the eyes and nose of this female student with the current Seo Ye Ji, it seems different. As for rumors related to plastic surgery, Seo Ye Ji has never responded. The fact that stars have plastic surgery has long been a common thing in the Korean entertainment industry. Therefore, whether Seo Ye Ji is really aesthetic or not is not too concerned by the people of this country.

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Seo Ye Ji was once suspected of using “cutlery” to get the beauty she is now.

Noisy lying, manipulating boyfriend

The aesthetic question is nothing compared to the scandal that Seo Ye Ji was involved in in April 2021. It was the scandal about Seo Ye Ji “manipulating” her ex-boyfriend Kim Jung Hyun. The incident started from the public “diging” the moment Kim Jung Hyun had an unpleasant attitude with his co-star Seohyun. In it, it was revealed that, while filming, Kim Jung Hyun wiped his hands right after touching Seohyun, making his co-star burst into tears. Even in the wedding scene, Kim Jung Hyun didn’t even hold Seohyun’s hand, making the scene look weird.


Seo Ye Ji was entangled in the noise of manipulating her ex-boyfriend, actor Kim Jung Hyun.


Dispatch released a message showing that Seo Ye Ji asked Kim Jung Hyun to be cold with her co-star Seohyun.

However, after that, the number 1 news-hunting site in Korea, Dispatch, was said to release an article to “defend” Kim Jung Hyun. Dispatch page released photos of text messages proving that his ex-girlfriend Seo Ye Ji asked the actor not to act in love scenes with his co-star.

In the messages spread on social networks, the “crazy woman” repeatedly asked her boyfriend not to act in love scenes, or touch her co-stars, to behave coldly and rudely to staff on set. , ignoring when greeted… Even through the text message, the public can see that Seo Ye Ji forced Kim Jung Hyun to ask the crew to correct the script to remove the emotional scenes. At the same time, ask him to send a video proving himself to have acted as she said.


After a series of revealing information, Seo Ye Ji’s management company Gold Medalist had to speak up. Seo Ye Ji’s side admitted that the leaked message was a conversation between the actress and Kim Jung Hyun, but it was cropped to a disadvantage. In addition, the company also denied that Seo Ye Ji manipulated Kim Jung Hyun and said that it was just a joke of couples in love. However, the explanation from Seo Ye Ji’s company did not receive support or trust from the public.

The biggest consequence of this scandal is the fact that Seo Ye Ji – from a rising star to a “hated” actress, lost her role in the movie project “Island”.

I thought the story would stop there, but then on the internet an article “exploded” Seo Ye Ji’s lie. The story originates from an old friend of Seo Ye Ji while studying abroad in Spain. In the article, this person accused Seo Ye Ji of being fake, not only did not get into the university, but also cheated money. This person attached photos taken with Seo Ye Ji as evidence.

In the denunciation post, Seo Ye Ji’s old friend said that the actress looked kind on the outside, but it was all just pretend. This person revealed that Seo Ye Ji often pretends to be good in front of her friends, but in the back, she talks badly, even cursing the other party. This person even said that everyone in Madrid knew that Seo Ye Ji couldn’t get into university.


Seo Ye Ji was also accused by her old friend of having a terrible personality, lying and cheating money.

This person also revealed that Seo Ye Ji was cheated of money: “I lived in Spain for many years, so I don’t understand Korean culture. She said that in Korea, best friends often share bank account passwords, then she asked for my password. She asked. So much so I had to say it. Seo Ye Ji used the money to fly to Barcelona and never returned it. When I contacted her, she raised her superior voice: ‘If you were in Korea, you wouldn’t dare to look. don’t stare at me like that'”.

Regarding these accusations, Seo Ye Ji’s side was completely silent. After that, Seo Ye Ji also “hidden” on all fronts, even her personal page was inactive. The female lead in “Dark Swan” is Seo Ye Ji’s first return after more than a year from the shocking scandal.

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