Victory of iron faith

A sweet 2-0 victory over Malaysia U23 helped U23 Vietnam be in the quarterfinals U23 Asia after 4 years of waiting. Phan Tuan Tai and his teammates won 5 points after 3 matches and will join the Korean U23 team to continue their journey in the 2022 Asian U23 tournament.

U23 Vietnam started the tournament with doubts, but after 3 resilient and convincing matches, no one can underestimate coach Gong Oh-kyun’s team anymore.

Video: Bui Hoang Viet Anh hit the net of Malaysia U23

Gong Oh-kyun’s belief

In the matches against U23 Korea and U23 Thailand, coach Gong Oh-kyun surprised the experts when he “blown” into the gameplay of U23 Vietnam the spirit of fierce competition. The red shirt team actively attacked, pressed hard and coordinated sharply, even though they had to face stronger and more experienced opponents.

The match against U23 Malaysia posed another problem for U23 Vietnam, which was to control the match and organize a methodical attack in the context of needing to win. U23 Vietnam can no longer play the bottom door, but must properly kick the upper door against a weaker opponent.

How did coach Gong Oh-kyun solve math? He launched into a completely different midfield compared to the previous two matches. Dung Quang Nho, Nguyen Thanh Nhan, Nguyen Hai Long, Tran Van Cong and Huynh Cong Come to the match, although this group of players did not start in the previous 2 matches.

Instead of half of the squad in the match that needed to be won, coach Gong Oh-kyun once again put Vietnam U23 in a somewhat adventurous challenge, however, once again the students responded to the belief of the coaching staff when impressive performance.

U23 Vietnam entered the quarterfinals of Asia U23: Victory of iron faith - 1

U23 Vietnam won convincingly.

U23 Vietnam only took the first half of the first half to catch up, before accelerating and sweeping away the opponent. In the 29th minute, Hai Long trimmed the ball for Thanh Nhan to escape to the right, then the midfielder was on the payroll HAGL A standard cross for Nham Manh Dung to open the scoring.

At the end of the half, Manh Dung made a wall for Quang Nho to enter, using a sharp turn to make the Malaysian defender U23 let the ball touch his hand. That is, in the 5 changes that Coach Gong made before the game, there were 3 players who contributed to the goal.

The gameplay is still well operated despite the complete disturbance of the midfield, which shows two advantages of coach Gong Oh-kyun’s teachers and students.

Firstly, U23 Vietnam has an even squad. Expert Phan Anh Tu analyzed:If we look at U23 Vietnam under Coach Park Hang Seo, we can see star players, but Gong Oh-kyun’s team does not have any outstanding stars, but the team’s results come from collective play. U23 Vietnam is currently a homogeneous and unpredictable team“.

Second, Coach Gong Oh-kyun has a strong belief in the ability of his students. The players also believe in the tactics of the head coach, and that is a well-founded belief. U23 Vietnam is entering a somewhat dreamy adventure with the excitement, even confidence to the point of “silly” of the players who go to the big sea for the first time with little experience.

U23 Vietnam entered the quarterfinals of U23 Asia: Victory of iron faith - 2

Coach Gong Oh-kyun brought Vietnam U23 into the quarterfinals of U23 Asia.

Still, it’s confidence on a clear foundation. Coach Gong Oh-kyun understands the potential of the players he has in his hand and constantly pushes his students to believe in it. In contrast, U23 Vietnam closely followed Gong Oh-kyun’s fighting style.

During the 270 minutes of the group stage, U23 Vietnam only had to play 20 minutes in the position of the opponent leading the table. U23 Vietnam has inherited the solid and stubborn gameplay foundation under Coach Park Hang Seo and then developed the strategy to a new level.

Let’s keep dreaming

I don’t think it’s time to celebrate yet, because it’s too early to think about it. There are many occasions to celebrate if the team goes far in the tournament“, coach Gong Oh-kyun shared. Former assistant U20 Korea said let’s celebrate when U23 Vietnam “goes far”, which means in his mind, reaching the quarterfinals of U23 Asia is not yet a “far” milestone. ” with his team.

After the 1-1 draw against U23 Korea, when asked by reporters to show a big smile, Coach Gong witty said:Can’t win but laugh“. The Korean leader always radiates optimistic energy to his players, but he also sets high standards for his students.

Coach Gong Oh-kyun wants his students to win 3 points against U23 Korea, because he sincerely believes that U23 Vietnam can do it. If Hai Long were more careful in injury time, U23 Vietnam could have won a victory that not many people dare to think about.

U23 Vietnam entered the quarterfinals of U23 Asia: Victory of iron faith - 3

U23 Vietnam will not stop dreaming.

Coach Gong Oh-kyun’s presence in Vietnam itself is the result of an interesting journey, when he was a physical education teacher, went through many football teams as an assistant, and then took charge for the first time. in a team where the probability of success is not high.

Having experienced career events, even as a student, coach Gong Oh-kyun was questioned about his ability with a modest CV. But through each match, with their efforts on the field, teachers and students Gong Oh-kyun are winning the trust of the fans. Perhaps that is the proudest victory.

For now, U23 Vietnam will continue an unending adventure. “Before this tournament, no one thought we would reach the quarterfinals of the Asian U23 Championship. I am impressed with my players. I asked the players what they wanted. They say they want to go to a higher level. I understand and want to take them to new lands“.

The celebration of U23 Vietnam will be reserved for another occasion. Because tomorrow, the players will enter a new adventure where the joy of winning stays behind and all will try again from the beginning.

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