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Water containers that are popular in the office are potentially dangerous

For office workers, drinking hot water has developed into a popular habit, very good for the body. However, care should be taken to avoid harm to health.

Hot water is usually kept in a mug or thermos to keep it warm for longer. However, if you use unsanitary items for storage, this use has many potential risks of harm to your health. health.

In recent years, many programs of CCTV (Chinese television station) have exposed the truth about the quality of thermos in the market.

Follow Toutiao, in a survey, the Beijing Consumer Association (China) randomly purchased 50 samples of thermos bottles both online and offline to test. The results show that there are 19 poor quality products, accounting for nearly 40%.

Water containers are popular with the office, who suspected potentially dangerous-1
Illustration. Source: Toutiao

These poor quality thermos bottles will pose a serious danger to human health if used for a long time. However, many consumers who don’t know the truth buy and use them regularly, which is really alarming.

Many people may be curious, why is the thermos harmful to human health if used correctly?

The origin of the “toxic thermos flask”

Most of the thermos flasks on the market are made of steel, in addition to being sturdy and durable, the biggest advantage of a steel thermos is its very good insulation. But it is the vase with excellent performance in all aspects that hides many unknown “hidden corners”.

When buying a thermos flask, most people are more concerned with its appearance and insulating effect than the material it is made of. The difference between stainless steel and stainless steel can bring completely different effects on the health of users.

In metallurgy, the term stainless steel is used to refer to a form of iron alloy containing at least 10.5% chromium.

The name is “stainless steel”, but it is actually an alloy of iron that does not discolor or corrode as easily as other common steels. Common types of stainless steel on the market include stainless steel 201, 202, 304, 316, 430 and others.

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Popular items of office people are harmful to health. Photo: Toutiao

Of these stainless steels, only 304 (18/8) (18% chromium and 8% nickel, the rest mostly white iron), 316 (18/10) (medical grade) and 430 (18) /0) can be used to provide for daily necessities. In terms of production cost and application value, the value of these 3 types of stainless steel is higher.

In contrast to the non-food grade stainless steels, there are a large number of relatively inexpensive heavy metal materials that are added during the manufacturing process. As a result, they have low production costs but are not used in daily necessities.

However, there are many thermos flask manufacturers who want to save maximum costs and earn high profits and deliberately use non-food materials to produce thermos cups. This is the source of the vases that are dangerous to humans.

Although from the outside, this thermos bottle is no different, but it has a great potential for unsafety when used.

When hot water is added, the heavy metal elements in the stainless steel lining, such as cadmium, manganese, and even lead, can dissolve into the hot water for a while.

Water containers are popular with the office, who suspected potentially dangerous-3
Illustration. Source: Toutiao

Drinking water containing this heavy metal element for a long time will certainly pose a serious threat to health. If taking manganese as an example, consuming too much of this element will lead to reduced immunity, loss of appetite, even harm to brain health, especially more serious for children.

It can be said that using a cup or thermos is a hard habit to give up for some office workers because it is effective in keeping water warm for a long time and convenient to bring to the office. However, we should keep in mind when buying a thermos, look for a reputable brand to buy.

When choosing a thermos, in addition to considering its appearance, you should also pay attention to its material to make sure you buy the right one made of food-safe materials.

To be vigilant about this is to take responsibility for our own safety.

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