What does NATO say about the nuclear guarantee for Russia?

According to NATO Deputy Secretary General Camille Grand, NATO does not provide Russia with any security guarantees regarding the deployment of nuclear weapons on the territory of the two countries that have applied for accession, Finland and Sweden.

“Every NATO member state decides this issue sovereignly. All are free in the nuclear domain to deploy or not deploy such weapons. We do not place restrictions in principle on the possible actions of member states in the alliance.” NATO official said.

What does NATO say about the nuclear guarantee for Russia?  - first

Relations between Russia and NATO have become tense in recent years.

“And now there is no answer to such a question. But I do not think that in the present situation it is necessary to provide Russia with guarantees regarding our military posture in the region.” NATO Deputy Secretary General Camille Grand added.

Mr. Camille Grand said the possibility of Ukraine joining the bloc was currently not on the agenda and the ongoing conflict must be resolved before Kiev “can decide for itself about its place in the European security architecture.”

Longtime neutral countries, Finland and Sweden have applied to join NATO amid the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Both these Nordic countries, although keeping a neutral attitude, have maintained close relations and cooperation with the US-led military alliance for decades.

However, Turkey opposes Finland and Sweden joining the military alliance, citing accusations that the two Nordic countries support a Kurdish group that Turkey considers terrorists.

NATO Deputy Secretary General Camille Grand expressed hope that differences between Turkey and the two future member states will be resolved before the upcoming NATO summit at the end of June.

“We hope the differences will be resolved in time before the summit. It is important to take into account the concerns of Turkey,” Mr. Camille Grand said.

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