Why is Iglow Hair silver coating product trusted by many people?

Why is Iglow Hair silver coating product trusted by many people?  - first

Habits of using chemical products and associated hazards.

The increasing demand for hair beauty makes people more exposed to chemicals and this is not known to everyone. In fact, every day we have to come into contact with many chemicals through eating, breathing, and even beauty products (skin creams, shampoos, dyes, etc.), which greatly affect the skin and hair. .

When the hair is damaged, gray, the need to find a safe and quality restoration product is pushed to the top. One of the products that cover gray hair and restore damage that is trusted by many customers thanks to its 95% natural herbal ingredients is Iglow Hair silver shampoo.

Iglow Hair – A quick and safe natural solution for gray hair people

With the motto of producing natural and safe products for customers, the manufacturer has launched Iglow Hair herbal silver-covered shampoo for people with premature graying of hair with the standard 3 no: No fade, no ammonia, no harm to the scalp.

Iglow Hair at-home silver shampoo not only returns natural shiny black hair in just 10 minutes, but also nourishes the scalp, reduces breakage, and makes hair soft and strong. Most of the customers who have used it are surprised to share the effectiveness of Iglow Hair, that it surpasses their expectations of a silver-coated shampoo at home.

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Silver coated shampoo Iglow Hair Researched and manufactured with a list of natural ingredients, 8 therapeutic active ingredients and 20 types of rare herbal extracts selected with a guaranteed ratio. Not only that, Iglow Hair is also produced with a low-alkaline coconut oil formula that says no to ammonia, so it does not cause burning or irritation of the scalp.

Unlike chemical dyes, if used for a long time can seriously degrade hair, Iglow Hair is extremely safe, highly effective and also helps to nourish and restore hair.

  • Sweet, pleasant scent

A plus point of Iglow Hair is that it has a pleasant scent. There are many customers who are apprehensive about the scent of black hair shampoo. But rest assured, Iglow Hair has a gentle herbal scent, bringing refreshment and relaxation when used. Meanwhile, dyes containing ammonia have a strong and extremely unpleasant smell.

  • Does not stick to the scalp

One of the concerns that makes many people wonder about using silver-coated shampoo is fear of blackening the scalp. However, Iglow Hair overcomes this defect, after washing the hair will become shiny, but the oily skin will not be black at all.

The secret to owning glossy black hair at home with Iglow Hair

For many busy customers who want to quickly silver without going to the salon, Iglow Hair is the perfect savior. Thanks to the silver-coated shampoo, they were able to quickly darken their hair, in just 10 minutes, without worrying about the scalp.

Besides, Iglow Hair herbal silver shampoo is also a solution to help customers save costs. No need to maintain hair dye every 3 months/time, cost of hairline mile/month/time, cost of restoring dyed hair…, with only 1 pack of Iglow shampoo that all needs and costs above are resolved.

Why is Iglow Hair silver coating product trusted by many people?  - 3

After only 1 use, Iglow Hair shampoo has returned gray hair to its natural black color, soft and strong from the inside. The condition of dandruff, dryness, and breakage will no longer be a worry.

Products are exclusively distributed by: Phu Thai Pharmaceutical Trading Joint Stock Company

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Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/Iglow.phubacso1hanquoc

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