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World Oceans Day 2022: Turning plastic waste into a resource to help save the ocean

World Oceans Day (June 8) this year, the United Nations emphasized the theme of “Revival: Working Together for the Oceans”, with the aim of raising awareness about the balance of marine ecosystems and encouraging people to act. for ocean health. All towards restoring and preserving ecosystem diversity for generations to come. The ocean is the habitat of 94% of life on Earth.

Currently, the pollution of sea water is becoming more and more serious, the major cause of which comes from plastic waste directly into the ocean, threatening the survival of marine life. Many marine animals have been found dead from suffocation, entanglement, injuries and infections caused by plastic debris. Not only that, floating pieces of plastic and other garbage also pave the way for invasive species, creating a great danger to the balance of ocean ecosystems.

According to a report by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, the world’s oceans are being flooded with plastic and it is predicted that by 2050, the volume of plastic waste will surpass the volume of marine fish. Plastic production is expected to double by 2040 and increase 2.5 times by 2050.

The non-biodegradable nature of plastic also means that the absorption of microplastics in the seafood food chain will be increasingly dangerous to health if we do not eliminate plastic waste into the environment, especially. marine environment. Therefore, taking action to save the ocean is a top priority so that we can regenerate the sea, build and maintain a more sustainable future.

Responding to the theme of World Oceans Day 2022, with initiatives at the local and regional levels, HP is constantly enhancing its responsibility and actions to contribute to marine protection, ensuring a sustainable natural ecosystem, parallel with human development.

World Oceans Day 2022: Turning plastic waste into a resource to help save the ocean - Photo 1.

Plastic waste is a very serious threat to the ocean and marine species

Aiming to be the world’s fairest and most sustainable technology company, HP affirms its commitment to a zero-carbon economy with the industry’s most sustainable portfolio of products and solutions. By understanding the impact of plastic waste on the ocean, HP aims to use recycled plastic to make 30% of their products by 2025.

HP continues its efforts with ProjectSTOP – a project that works directly with local governments to create effective recirculating waste management systems in high-demand regions of Southeast Asia, including Vietnam. Male. This entire process involves HP’s end-to-end supply chain, where plastic waste is diverted, recycled, and turned into the raw material for more sustainable products.

This project currently focuses on two markets, Vietnam and Indonesia, two countries that currently have the world’s top levels of marine pollution with huge amounts of plastic waste. HP works with partners in the technology value chain, from suppliers, manufacturers, and channel partners to governments and NGOs in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Vietnam to create a management system. the most effective plastic waste management and recycling.

While Indonesia is selected by HP as a plastic waste collection center, Vietnam will be the place where HP will process the collected plastic waste, then shred, peel, clean, mix with additives and compounds to produce into high quality plastic.

Currently, HP is working with Lavergne, a Vietnam-based company, to produce high-quality recycled materials from plastic waste for later product manufacturing. Towards a sustainable future, HP has incorporated the recycled plastic treated in this program into the production cycle of print products and new technology initiatives such as the HP Dragonfly. cartridge covers, etc. With solutions and unremitting efforts, HP is developing more future standards to accelerate the development and application of recycled plastics in the manufacturing of industrial products and components. turmeric.

World Oceans Day 2022: Turning plastic waste into a resource to help save the ocean - Photo 2.

The cartridge case is made from recycled plastic of HP’s ProjectSTOP project in Southeast Asia

With World Oceans Day 2022, the revitalization of the seas is the main goal and working together is how we make that goal a reality. As a technology company that puts connectivity first, HP Vietnam believes that when one person acts, everyone will act together. At that time, we can all contribute to bringing the ocean away from the risk of pollution, protecting the habitat and survival of marine life from the threat of plastic waste.

Participating in efforts to reduce ocean plastic waste on a regional scale, HP has been contributing to restoring the integrity of the oceans and protecting marine species, thereby maintaining the environment and ecosystems. diverse and sustainable marine ecosystems for future generations.

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