5 young girls rescued after being offered a low-paying job

Following the solicitation of an account named “Hoa”, 5 young women escaped from their family, arbitrarily took a bus from Hanoi to the South to find work.

Police of Yen Dung district, Bac Giang province, prevented and rescued 5 girls who were lured into looking for work.

According to authorities, on the morning of May 31, NTQA (14 years old, in Canh Thuy commune, Yen Dung district) asked for permission to go to Canh Thuy Secondary School to summarize the school year. However, by noon, the family did not see A. returning, so they reported it to the authorities.

Through verification, the functional force determined that at the end of the morning of the same day, A. had boarded a 5-seat car. Canh Thuy Commune Police reported the incident to Police Yen Dung district to coordinate the investigation. The people in the car include: NTQA, DTMN (14 years old), NTQN (13 years old) and HHL (15 years old).

5 young girls rescued after being offered a low-paying job-1
Police work with 2 girls. Photo: Bac Giang Police.

In the process of contacting the girls, the police encountered many difficulties when they could not be contacted, the person who was contacted intentionally said the wrong location and route.

By professional measures, the authorities found the driver of the 5-seater car. This driver claimed that 4 girls hired to drive him to Nuoc Ngam bus station (Hanoi). A working group of Yen Dung District Police and the Criminal Police Department of Bac Giang Provincial Police were sent to the above location.

From the surveillance camera image, the functional forces determined that all 4 girls and the CAV (15 years old) got on a bus to go to the southern provinces. When the car went to Binh Thuan province, this local police stopped the car and rescued the girls at the request of the Bac Giang Provincial Police.

5 young girls rescued after being offered a low-paying job-2
Pictures of girls at the bus station. Photo: Bac Giang Police.

At the investigation headquarters, A., N. and L. since the end of May, both are looking for part-time jobs on Social Network and agreed to hide from his family and go to Hanoi to work at a pho restaurant. After that, an account named “Hoa” solicited L. with a salary of 20 million dong/month, working in the south.

Fascinated by the words of “honey sugar”, 5 girls who ran away from their families voluntarily left home following the instructions of “Hoa”. According to the authorities, the above case is most likely a case of sending people to Cambodia to work illegally.

After being brought across the border, victims will be exploited, mistreated, and even forced to do illegal jobs. They only release people back home when they claim a large ransom or someone “replaces”. Authorities are expanding their investigation into the incident.

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