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6 times when women love to be kissed-Young

Thursday, June 9, 2022 12:10 PM (GMT+7)

Guys need to know this!

6 times when women love being kissed - 1

Girls love what’s cute and unexpected. (Illustration)

Kiss against the wall

This is one of those ways to kiss a little bit compulsively. Of course, girls won’t want to be hurt by you, but may like to be in control of you! Surely girls will go crazy when you can’t control your emotions when you stand in front of her and push her against the wall, passionately locking her lips. Surely it is the bridge from heart to heart.

Kiss to comfort her when she is crying

Do you remember Jack and Kate’s first kiss? When Kate was on the verge of tears and in need of comfort, she leaned into his lap. Sometimes words can’t solve anything, but it is the embrace and protection that is what she needs. Kissing when she’s crying is also a way to help her feel more comfortable and love you more. With only small actions but at the right time can make her move. You should refer to 5 simple minutes to make your wife happy so that the other half can really feel your love for them.

Placing a kiss on her lips when both are drinking wine or tasting chocolate makes the moment equally sweet and romantic. You can taste the honey from her lips and kiss her deeply. This deep kiss is considered one of the most wonderful lip kisses that women desire.

Kissing while arguing

This can be one of the best kisses and feels more different than what’s seen in the movies. Imagine you and her having a heated argument, then suddenly stop and indulge in a wild kiss. This way of kissing your girlfriend will make her feel more comfortable after heated arguments and help sweet love again.

Kiss her when she’s concentrating on something

You can sneak a kiss whenever she doesn’t expect it. This way of kissing your lover not only shows your cuteness but also shows that you are a sweet guy.

Not only that, you can kiss her hair or forehead while she is sleeping. This will be great because she’ll then either give you an affectionate glance or shyly look away.

“Forcing” to kiss when she is arguing with me

Are you two joking or arguing about something? Take this opportunity to leave her a memorable kiss. When she’s rushing to tease you, grab her wrist and pull her close, look her in the eyes and lips, and give her a passionate kiss.

Suddenly kissing while talking

Girls love what’s cute and unexpected. Then it’s okay that you don’t bring both. While you’re talking, gently squeeze her mouth with your hand to make her lips part slightly, then pull her close and kiss her gently. This kiss will make her feel very interesting and somewhat funny.

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