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9 breakfast suggestions for people with acid reflux

People with acid reflux may choose to eat oats, avocado toast, omelette or boiled for breakfast to avoid acid reflux symptoms.

Acid reflux in the morning is not only annoying right now, it can affect them throughout the day. Therefore, limiting acid reflux episodes by choosing healthy, suitable foods for the morning is quite important.

Follow Very Well Heath (America), To make breakfast safe for people with acid reflux but not boring and bland, patients can combine dishes from whole grains, sweet fruits, bread… Here are some suggestions for meals. Breakfast for people with acid reflux.


Oatmeal is good for the heart and because oats absorb acid in the stomach, it helps reduce symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). You can enrich your breakfast with oatmeal by adding familiar fruits like papaya, combined with bananas or eating oatmeal with toast, margarine.

Crispy whole grains

Many people who don’t like oatmeal and similar soft foods may change to crunchy whole grains. You can serve cereal with English muffins, topped with margarine.

Crispy whole grains can also be served with peaches with a low acid content for breakfast. A small bowl of low-sugar mixed cereal, adding almond milk is also a good suggestion for breakfast for people with acid reflux. In addition, this dish can also be eaten with raisins, dried apples to reduce boredom.

Boiled eggs, egg whites are good for people with acid reflux.  Photo: Freepik

People with acid reflux can eat boiled eggs, egg whites. Image: Freepik

Boiled eggs, egg whites

Depending on each person’s location, eggs are recommended to be used in daily meals or not. If you do not have an allergy to eggs, you can choose boiled eggs instead of fried eggs for breakfast. This option comes with a cup of acid-reducing ginger tea for a filling and nutritious breakfast.

In addition, people with acid reflux can also use boiled or beaten egg whites with water and put in the microwave, cook at high temperature for 90 seconds, season to taste.

Toast with butter

Avocado is high in fat but it is good for people with acid reflux. Avocados are low in acid and have a smooth texture, and they’re also packed with antioxidants, making them suitable for people with acid reflux. Toasting two slices of whole-wheat bread and half an avocado for breakfast is nutritious without worrying about acid reflux.

Toast with butter for breakfast.  Photo: Freepik

Toast with butter for breakfast. Image: Freepik


Crepes are thin, light “pancakes” that you can eat with fruit, yogurt, or other delicious treats. Add low-acid cheese and spinach, then wrap it up with crepes for a nutritious breakfast.

Grilled zucchini mix

Zucchini is a vegetable with low acidity but rich in vitamins. You can prepare a zucchini breakfast by mashing it with sweet bread. Toss this mixture with eggs, honey, vegetable oil and a teaspoon of vanilla and bake for about 20 minutes at high heat for a refreshing, acid-reflux-safe dish.


A smoothie for breakfast will be a good choice for people with acid reflux. Healthy foods such as bananas, avocado smoothies, strawberry smoothies and other non-citrus fruits are generally well-tolerated and rich in vitamins that are beneficial for people with acid reflux. During the smoothie making process, you can add a tablespoon of natural peanut butter for extra protein.

Yogurt and fruit

High-fat dairy often causes heartburn. Acid reflux sufferers’ choices should be low-fat and fat-free yogurts, coconut milk yogurt, or almond yogurt.

Mr. Chi (Follow Very Well Health)

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