ABAO (A’s still)【Thanks】Official music video[English Lyrics Open CC]

#ABAOABCO#Mother’s Tongue#Taiwangospel #ThankYou #Paiwan 💽《kinakaian Mother’s Tongue》Buy CD: 🔗《kinakaian Mother’s Tongue》All streams: https:// 『follow ABAO』 ▶fb: ▶ig: Thanks The Gospel Harmony was choreographed by Abo’s old partner Brandy and students from Xinxing Elementary School in Jinfeng Township, Taitung’s hometown, joined in the singing. This song of thanksgiving to heaven arranged various compliments in the Paiwan language. The film was shot at Our Lady of Fatima Church in Jiaping, Taiwu Township, Pingtung City. A beautiful song should be a beautiful church. When you say “thank you” you collect a smile; when you say “Malji Malji Masalu” you garner a Paiwan-style laugh. “Malji Malji Masalu” which is the password to enter a magical world on the life journey means Thank you in Paiwan language “Mother tongue” Lesson 2 “Thank you” is a song from Abao’s new album “Kinakaian” with which you will not not only learn how to say “thank you” in the Paiwan language, but also understand how happy people’s smiles are. To all my angels, thank you for attending lesson two and welcome to the magical world. Learn what your mother’s language says. In 2016, Ah Bao (A still still) collaborated with producer Arai Shichi to release the well-received The First Solo album “vavayan. Woman” which won the Golden Melody Award, the “Best Aboriginal Language Album Award” and the “Best Album Producer Award” all at once. Ah Bao, full of joie de vivre, released her second creative album “Kinakaian Mother’s Tongue” at the end of 2019, on which she once again sings the story of the island of Taiwan through the Paiwan language, based on the electronic music style. The Paiwan people are the people of the sun. The album design and Paiwan artist Leidan Bavavalon collaborated again so the genderless sun god is the main body and the black and gold lines are used to depict the demure beautiful beauty. an echo of the music An eclectic mix of tradition and modernity, taken from the native language and used in the native language. The language and breath of women weave the beautiful landscape of this island. Between greetings and chants, let’s learn native language and native language with subscription. ‧【Thanks】MV Credit‧ Director Zeng Weiyu Photographer Lin Yongsen Li Banghao Editing Zeng Weiyu Dimming Zeng Weiyu Recreation Director Li Yijie Producer Ke Mufan/Malengana Tatiyam Sofa Res Res Ma |Rimis Video Production Co., Ltd. ReMix Beauty & Image Studio MV Venue Cooperation: Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church, Jiaping, Taiwu Congregation, Pingtung / Ms. Du Yongxiong / Ms. Yang Meixiang, Secretary of Jiaping Biography Association Jiaying / Ke Mufan / Malengana Tatiyam / Guo Wenhao / Chi Yuan / Chi Chengjun / Gong Zuer / Gong Zuning / Ji Zilin / Xu Yichun / Ou Yinen / Ji Zixuan / Wu Yulong / Zhang Wenlin / Le Bang •Ren Lai/Chen Caiwei/Lv Ruimin/Chen Pinle/Lv Yichen (Kato Yi )/Ma Fali •Lafawusi/Lin Xinyi/Zhuang Yiting/Gu Jiadai・【Thanks】Song Credit・ Word Lyricist: ABAO Ah Bao (A still still) Wang Qiulan (Aijing) Song Composer: ABAO Ah Bao (A still ) Dizparity Executive Producer Executive Director: Arai Eleven Producer Producer: Huang Shao Yong ABAO Ah Bao (A still still) Arrangement: Dizparity Guitar: Xu Yanpei Eric Hsu Piano, Organ: Musa Ming Martin Land Big Q Bingluo Yang Chengxiang Xinxing Elementary School Chorus Class (Wen Xin, Zuo Ziqing, Huang Yonglian, Ding Yuxin, Li Ruixi, Hu Z eyuan, Huang Qin) Assistant Producer: Lin Zhilong Lin Linz Vocal Recording Sound Engineer: Lin Zhilong Lin Linz Instrument Recording Sound Engineer: Lin Zhilong Lin Linz Recording Studio Sound Studio: Coop Studio Backing Vocal recorded by: Zhan [email protected] Time House/Xingxing Elementary School Choir Studio: deBASE [email protected] Sound Engineer: Huang Shao Yong Huang Shao Yong, Dizparity (Stems) Mastering Producer Mastering Producer: Huang Shao Yong Huang Shao Yong Mastering Engineer: Luca Pretolesi Mastering Studio: Studio DMI Album Coordinator Project Manager: ABAO Abang (A still) Promotion- Promotion coordinator: Paiuan language editing and translation: Kuljelje Turivuan English translation English translation: Hong Jian Tinghui Tuhi Martukaw Album lyricist: Edison Chen English lyricist English lyricist: Lin Guoting Kuing Print media cooperation Press promotion support: You Hongqi Kenny Yu Yu Junwei David Yu packaging designer : Lin Weiming Graphic Designer Graphic Designer: Reretan Pavavaljung ISRC: TWY311929008 OP: Elevenz Music SP: Warner Chappell Music Publishing Agency (Beijing) Ltd. This album was awarded the 108 Year Aboriginal Society Film and Television Music Culture Creative Industry Planning Subsidy. and the compiler has full authority to match the phonemes of each dialect based on its learning experience to achieve uniform application; Thank you to all of you who are concerned about the literalization of the Paiwan language. #ElevenMusic#Pilot Recordings


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